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bishop young

Lex Luther lol

Tim Petrycki

i want some nugs


Dominican Republic

Shining Emeralds

School needs to be more desirable. Schools need to be more interesting and they need to follow the students passions instead of forcing them for the same subjects in the same way at the same time. Learning can be so different, while schools only test memorization. Schools have developed from factory workers, which were very important for them. Not kids. Schools ruin kids creativity. Schools need to change.


It was definitely checkers!

Jason Blaze

The twins have big mucels

Jaden Pintner

yeah i like talking like that

Lalatendu P Deo

Where the heck is Good Vs Evil 2.

Sazzad Kazi


Screw Google Plus I Didn't Want This Name

When me and my friends discovered the 2001 easter egg I was dying laughing and my friends thought I was insane.

Jonathan Munoz

Idk the best one all of them are

Robin D. Best

3:49 how did you do that so fast

Tammy Tang

“I don’t want u robbing any banks with my face on it”

Eleni Batas

I love these kinds of videos. Underrated makeup big thumbs up

Angela H


Mia Lewis

this is the most versatile rainbow palette i’ve seen! definitely buying♥️

Tim Mullis

panda is pro skater

Matty Taylor


Xtra_ Underated

You should have have kept lil tjay and added like nle choppa or Action pack Ap

bakugan fun

2019 anyone

-imagine dragons


Lmaooooo do you mind

Kristin Brewer

Why is ty always the rage monster.

Alec Williams

The music gave me aids.

Kathleen Storer

Why does his hair keep on changing??!!

John Carmelo Mendoza

your what 6:56


I think Rockstar has decided to make the GTA SA rumors come true


4:51 is it me or im just seeing Portal things in my mind?

I never have cramps

Jake Driver

gg guru <3

Mari’s Design

I’m a girl and I’m bi but I like girls better than boys, I kinda want to be a boy... my parents know nothing they would not approve especially my dad he try’s to push me away from my lesbian And Bi and gay friends. I have a best friend and she’s bi but my dad doesn’t know nor my mom were to afraid they will try and split us up. But I just want you to know that you are not alone and no matter what people think you are loved.

Nico Dalessandro



ok, lets call the grammer Nazi's.

piano and flute covers

The panda is so cute and funny