‫السلاحف ~ الكائنات الأخطر في العالم .شاهد أقوى هجماتها التي تأتي على الأخضر واليابس‬‎

dir="rtl"أقوى هجمات السلاحف في مقطع رائع

Appreciate yah ..!


2:43name song??


FUCKING INSANE! That's not fake. Stop hating everybody.

Tyler Hubbs

Funny how if you look at the references to other video games in games you can pretty much put all of them in the same universe.

Andrew Fishing and outdoors

Obviously ty is much more athletic

Stefan Kolev

That headshot on optimus


My daughter dosen't want to go to school

The Jalapeños

Lego derps

Justin 420

2:36, paused the video, and instantly dropped a like

Sipe Mom

sooooo who is panda?

Oweey formally known as ok ok

One of my mottos is

Karen Lloyd

I love my kids they are the ones who keep me happy


Def look like another game I am buying


my favorite animal is " poopies" o_O 😂💩!!?

alan mehra

hallo youtube legend, help me please Subcribe and addme

Tyler Durden

The Logan Paul part xD


in skrim

Krish Bb57

0:59 grades dropping to A-


this video gave me cancer

Madolche Mewfeuille

momo lookin wild thicc at 1:49 😍😍