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Series - The Animated Cinema

I loved my adopted parents and then wanted to hate them

shefa cool

The same outfit....

Mom : WHAT ... you said you wanna be a potato now WHAT ?!

Max Allen

That TLOU theme is fucking lit


abusive relationships.... damn

Stopmotion 676

Please dont tell me this is a real clip

Killer Dogz246


Pooja Iyer

Meh i don't care I just vote love ty winning

Koldest K

hold up...this was all a dream

Gabby Sidikpramana

how does this narrator know all this in Alex's head, I was waiting for it to say" and how do I know this?because I am Alex!" but I never happened and what happened to Alex?

thexfakter yt

Was that the old HQ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Grady Ruane

can you give me some pizza hut

Chase Bohnsack

Can you do animal zoo steareotypes

Delowan Shahwan

High to low

Austin Sonnenberg

It says adult men's then says unisex

joe ferranti

The paper one took the longest

bias list idk her

Thats like a kdrama lmao


Why is this the most unpopular


Great video...You should narrate more often.. you have a good voice for it.

Shinobi X

This video was great, but I do wish you used the classical boomerang design more often. I get that the one's used were better designed to work with aerodynamics and all that, but I just like the aesthetic of the original and would of liked to see it at least once or twice.

mamerica 14

PURPLE HOSER clap clap clap clap clap


Actually Charles-Camille Saint-Saëns wrote Operas about smoking/eating opium doing Asian women and screwing cousins mid19th century in France


Colin McCormack

film at ifly indoor skydiving

Claudine Tumukunde

you look nice the way you are


Bere Perez

IwishI was there

Diamond Zapata

I'm that one friend who is so extra,and uncontrollable emotions and often being teased in p.e (not that it matters) I think I might have hysteria cuz I'm always seeking attention and always get it afterwards but then again I'm not sure

A Lad Duck

Ok I'm way too early

Fabiha Amin

I understand she's metal but that's just ....


I had a job once working in a group home for children in situations like these, but most of them were taken out of their homes because of some serious abuse or neglect going on. It was a really emotionally difficult job. I could see there were a lot of trust issues with these children because they had been through so much, some of them bounced around through the foster care system and sent to live with horrible people. They were afraid to settle down because they never knew when they'd be sent away again and some of them were very angry and had PTSD or severe anxiety issues. All I could do was try and give them some sort of emotional comfort in the short time that I had with them, and every day I think of those kids and wonder if I was able to make an impact on them even in a small way.

Nicholas Koomey

This got me really happy. I have a lot of Special Ed friends at school. ♥️♥️

phantochu 345


It's just a fucking game



Caleb Campbell

I bet that was sticky

Jimmie Åkesson

Guru do a face revial at 1000000 subs