What Does Pork From Cannabis-Fed Pigs Taste Like? — Prime Time

CORRECTION: The farmer's name at Moto Perpetuo Farm is Dave Hoyle, not Dave Tyson. On today's episode of Prime Time, Ben and Brent visit Moto Perpetuo Farm, where pigs are fed a diet that includes cannabis.Eater is the one-stop-shop for food and restaurant obsessives across the country. With features, explainers, animations, recipes, and more — it’s the most indulgent food content around. So get hungry.Subscribe to our YouTube Channel now! Video Crew:

Calme Snowy

Your mum will never ever die MiLeS?

Killua Lobo

Man a love this channel!


Not gonna lie this is probably my most favorite show ever.

I really appreciate it.

1:22 ah that's a nice sound.

Doordana's what's up studio

This so sad.😭😭😭😭😭😭🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

QeboKiller Gaming

After showing those soulless eyes of the Statue of Happiness, that sudden music at the end scared the piss out of me.



How it feels to eat 5 pieces of gum at once.

jayden brown

I'm gonna end up watching porn

Can I get 1000 subs without a video?

so ur basically tyler1...

Jarrod A

Opening more butieful then sad 2 heroes of stealth retirement

(Love you tho)

Shantel Goggins

Teyana Piranhas


Will you do any Borderlands 1-2 Easter Eggs?


You know one day in any future titanfall related game there gonna be a moment when resonance be like “hey you like those nessy Easter eggs huh? Go here for something cool.” Then in titanfall (insert number/subtitle/spin off) in a underwater mission yiu head there for something goofy..... but then “you like that huh? Okay. Surprise birch!” You get attacked by an alien looking Loch Ness monster. That point most ppl will go NOPE and instant out the game.

Koala the builder

I submitted my story, I hope it gets accepted

me: wonder you smell like air

Crazy Crisis

now thats sam thats how a steak should be cooked

Monika14 Monika18

POOF now ur rich POOF now u broke BIG POOF bitch now u a billion air now live ur best life and dont go back and fouth with theses niggas✊😂 ok im done being stupid🤦🏾🤦🏾

Mark Corrigan

The sheriff looks a lot like Jack Nicholson to me...reminded me of The Shining for whatever reason.

Bosque Strength

Kind of a weird thing to notice but is there no white people being interviewed ?

Alban Alban

5:19 Dorian: Wow wow, these drugs are getting work

Soul_Man M.M

It's a Lie, Not MONEY, Not WEALTH, who are u referring TOO ?, all coffee store near STARBUCK's are near TO be CLOSED, That's what real. Starbucks killing all Near coffee store.

aaron almenarez

The spongebob joke is childish

Michael Sponseller

imagine going to the skate park to uh skate

Maulana Winata

8:47 I forgot where that is, when I was playing in Beta I found the wedding ring at the radroach and i was like "wtf" and then I said to myself "is this somekind of a reference that I don't know?" Well here it is lol

Keisuke Miyagi

i want to see a HEAD SHOT

tango kilo

What is the action button

Kenith H


Àlex Lamb

When you have to censor the word “nut” so you don’t get demonetized.

XxKaylee The NekoxX

nobody is perfect,I am far from it. But this group:Ty,Cody,Coby,Cory,and Garret are as close as you could ever get <3

Kate And Heavyn’s Corner



who is panda

David Yanez

Plot Twist: Frozen 2 is going to be PG- 13


angry birds

Nolan Baird


Fat King

I do not like the jokes of Arizona but as you are you would listen to them forever greetings from Argentina



stacey melsam


Gamer Gruppe

Coby will never win

6 it was a Pokémon gift card that said FREE in bold words and I thought it would be free but it ment get a Pokémon free with purchase. Oooh

Brenda Pagan

And im the noobAnd the skin guy

kanses dillard

Why do they look like gta mods for the avengers😂

F95 Rules

Quiet funny that Ty useda Titleist putter


mr. excuse

M Alani

that mean a life


Oof, I joke about it all the time that I’m the permanently single friend in the group. I have my fun flirting, but it never turns into anything. The most serious I have ever got with someone was both of us saying we’d smash lmao. Personally, I feel fine without a significant other. I feel no need to get into a relationship despite all my friends being in them. I’ve had guys interested, and I’ve been interested in them, I’m just not interested in a relationship if that makes any sense?