What's The Largest Thing To Ever Live On Earth? DEBUNKED

We look at the largest things to have ever lived on our planet, and it doesn’t stop with the Blue Whale or the Patagotitan!Join us as we debunk one of the biggest misconceptions in the world!CREDITSStu K - Researcher | Writer | Producer | Illustrator | Animator | Editor | PresenterRobin B - Guest VOMartin R - SocialThanks to our Patreon Supporters, with Special Thanks toChris ThompsonHelp support us from as little $1 a month and get exclusive artwork and wallpapers for your phone by visiting

John Appleseed

The ghost is probably a mans last name jawk that what it says on the blood so he pushed her off the cliff I guess

Cinnamon 31

The foster man is DiSCuStaNG!

What The Dude

haha they so cool! love this team man!Thumbs up for the best team


What is the problem of being 1 meter from Nicolas Cage? I dont understand

The Molten Potato

I like how theres a taller building at 6:52

Luke Fraser

Anyone else wondering why TF this was in there recommended list

Julie Padua

Stop the rage monster


Had to google Quadriplegic before watching this lol


she is not a hero


Hey Guru I dig your chill music you put in many of your videos. Do you by chance have a Spotify playlist or something like that?


Oh yeah Cody


Man, i remember when you first hit 50k, i lost you for so long and forgot your name. After some random time when i was eating noodles i got this thought to my head saying "GURU KID" and it made me remember how good your editing was. So happy i found you again already at 500k. I'm proud of your work and what you've done

eelis ranta

Ootteko hyviiä omasta mielestä

Unknown Human

Make a video with Kemba Walker

uygar başkaya

Legends told that rats actually knew how to use guns and they used them to enslave the humanity..But than cats showed up.


The IASIP one felt like a huge stretch, but the rest were pretty cool.

Everything on here is fake af

TheMagicGeny Trollololool

On red faction (the last one) Look at the unicorns face as he pulls its tail. X...D...

Stephen Ferris

Looks too good to be true. Best wait to see how it performs

Yellow Gorilla

You ever heard of wales

Also: where's the Stan Lee cameo?

Julee Jurich

the magical beard is gone 😢

pradip Deb

That poor tree torn out by ty

No, just me🙈

Tulasi Naveen Kumar

Please do on cricket

Metaman Gaming

For the first one, it's called boosters tower, not bowsers