We Broke EVERY RULE On The POLICE Minecraft Server!

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EagleHacker 66

This video has 98 M and they only have 42 M suscriber

Alfredo Rodriguez

i did

Pachuen Kamonprapasawat

The worst Rage Monster scene EVER!


I'm kind of disappointed that there were no easter eggs or connections to Rainbow Six. I kind of liked it when the older Clancy games were in a shared universe and kept hinting at eachother. (especially the game books)

Lifefighter _YT

Best teacher in the world.

Binita Bhandari

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Elizabeth Ninan

Purple hoser is a left!!!

Kyle Steiniger

if u can`t lol at something then don`t lol at anything.

Alex Mason

sulvain isnt drake mentor he is drake's best friend

Dave zone Awesome

I want a basketball

Suliman Bundu


Fredbeargaming and friends

battlefield 3 boots:WHAT ARE THOSE!

czekolada gaming

I want to get 1k subscribers

Lilliana marie Pulido

i see colored lines every where i looked

Prashant Jha

This creepy voice could be an abetment to suicide to someone actually pondering over it!

SokE Cool

Deadpool : Why so dark? Are u sure u not from DC Universe

Obese Rat

Gavin, or hell

Danielle Brink

Because I am a Vikings fan

Official Jdog Jr

I just want to cry

AliciaTheIconic Kid

Good luck to her future relationships❤️. This will never happen to me because I’m not pretty at all

Brooke Warren

There’s a new game called Fortnite that’s coming out in 2019

rehmanabdull488 rehmanabdull488

Dude try something (tricks) related to ice-creams.🎉

Art Dude069


milo boy

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252 ppl are queer.

Rowan Simula

the cats name is jeff ME NAME J3FF

Your Favorite Anime

If I'm around a big group it turns me into "ultimate introvert" mode. Me in a nutshell. Big party, I don't want any physical contact please. Stage, I can't speak a word. Being stared at by strangers, my extreme nightmare. Big school group, better stay far away and take it slow.

Mystical Gacha

When I saw the thumbnail I was like tis is biju mike and I was right


I'm the shortest in my group but always the fastest

Ramesh Kalia

I don't really care if i have big arms

Neiko Tejeda

Finally Adam Sandler is making more quality content. Keep it that way!

Joga Bonito 7

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V Lockwood

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Maddi VS Asmr

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