Warthogs galore

Incredible sighting: How many warthogs do you see?"This little piggy went to the market..."Video by Misha Porollo at Phinda, South Africa

Cody-cool Misfit kids who fuck up shit, get fucked up quick

Marcos Antônio

Algum br?


Why do you almost never upload Videos?Are you lazy......:D

Eli the one wheeler Yt

Do a new segment called clean test (or something like that) where you try to get the cleanest desk using anything of your choice.


Now you have to have Keanu on now.

Edit: oh wait nvm 😂 btw how did she know all those things at the age of 3 and 5?


hot garbage


You should of added, "The No Water Guy"

mjo DHANANJAY jain

Discus throw

Bruce Jorgenson

a pool for swimming in

I may be wrong

Chris Viggiano

Plz like 😭

Gabriel Camacho

the it reference is actually to the scene where richie breaks his arm and pennywise comes out the fridge, i'm a little sad you didn't include since it's my favorite scene

SleepyPuddle 6

All of my short friends can NEVER keep up with me! I have to make the conscious effort to walk slower 😂

Daniel Azzopardi

Frisbee mug trick shot basketball tornado bomb

iplay pvzgw2

How can she have a phone at 8 years old


Seriously, jokes aside. Let's focus on the story

JustAnotherOtaku :3

Mr. electro send buzz to the principle’s office and have him expelled!

Blue Baron


My eyebrows are outta shape

Roston Hutto

Team tie

keyla suarez

I am so sorry for u😭😭😭😥😥

Sanam Sakcham

You are awesomedp

riel gabcy

They published this vid in 2011, and now its almost 2018

xenoskaza 13




Big Boye Gang

im so sorry for your loss

Yui Hirasawa

I feel so sorry for you. All the love and hugs from here. You're survivor!💕

ascension garciasegovia

2019 anyone

unlimited iron

why dont you do a long 30 min video were you play a horror game like hunting bigfoot or something like that.


I find the low quality of the Psycho scene to be really hilarious.

Matthew Duceman

Hawkeye over here

Cherry space cät

I fell in love with Johny test when I was 4

Shadow Kissed

The mirror stole her soul O.o

Yibiu Igygi5g77676

Coby is the best one I hope he can win some day

Silver Cord

If yall can join the NBA and shoot the the last shot of game from half court you would always make them

Ajay Rm

show us the panda real face


More marksman stuff like long range

Lady: “I’m trying to ring your groceries up...”

norweegen_ TTV

Goal horn is Chicago


and i think he can tackle which is good for getting the "Oh, no you don't" achievement

els weijde

Great video

Taylah Mendez

Pause at 1:15 , Emma looks like an alien hahha

Bob Joe

LOL! Liked the last one

Kyrie Irving

Thank you for this hit RE-RE she broke they hearts

Jodi Ho

Who else can’t wait to go watch some more rage monster videos