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Sir Meow Meow

That moment when you feel that you're about to get murdered...3:42

Ali Mujtaba

Can any one tell me from where we should bye it

Ashura Sama

If you chirp at the creature from Flow, it will chirp back at you! xD

Eykal Haikal

#8 trending in Malaysia 🤘🏻


u REALLY like the minecraft easter egg don't u?

Brian X

I wish he could hit these shots with the Browns.

starbeltorion Fortnite

I feel your pain my mom is a gold digger for drugs

Frederick Kriesel

Every Skeletons in Fallout 4

Also the sound when you press the hidden buttos sounds like the first drum beat and intro chord from the song. But that might be a little bit to far off.

Very Thick Boy

what is the skin you have at 2:47? is it custom? I haven't played the game yet so i don't know much about the game. is that the joker skin that comes with the joker bat-mobile skin?


Ayyy good time wait a minute ay FUCK YOU TOO DOOR!

Gary Musselman

Wait what about z moves and megas

David Zak


Shanmuga Nathan

Everybody are mad to find out what Elsa is doing in that seashore and who is her life partner.😍😍

A half to Cory and Ty for drone hunting battle


Y'all make it look so easy!!

Pk Carson

Just turn on creative mode

Dexter #2

I don't believe anyone who told me that he's ugly without showing me his face, i'v always thought that they were over reacting..

P4bl0 C4br4le2

i am the bathroom champion

Ismael Fernández Vázquez

Now there are horses in the trailer because i've got the horses in the back


Kevin Durant, Kevin James, Kevin Ware, I don't care. Raptors in 5

Caitlin Woods

I'm okay, maybe I'll serregant for 2 million dollars and let another person tell the story. :P

burnt toast


Dominik Modławski

That's frazy and i love it! You're really cool Dylan


Will you do a Metro Last light Easter egg video?

Mary Par

You know on my phone I could write a funnier comment but cars

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Abdul A

Pre-order ? Done

_XD!CA_ lenny

Can u do more vids were u talk :) :O I LOVE UR VIDS BRUH


This video hit so close to home with me almost the exact same thing happened with my father. Even the losing licnense part. He still drinks on and off and its terrible. Ive moved out for college to get away from the stress. But ill be going home soon. Itll be scary living with an addict again.

Daniela Garcia

does anyone else not realize this is really like striking vipers the black mirror episode

Jotaro Kujo

4:53 Kratoooss SPARTAN RAGE!!

Russell arndt


Rich Wilson

The 8.4k that disliked this needs to come to Cali so I can knock some damn sense into you

**Skate Board Kid**

Happy birthday code

blong vue


"The Next" yeah 2018!!!!

Arshia Esmaeilian

#YIAYjob washing the dishes


That chocolate milk looks delicious

there was a billboard of the cinema with like 6 indirect game references like

Hayden Pulfer

OMG you guys are sooooo awesome!

xXGachaQueen Xx

Omg Lele this is so awesome I love you and your work!

Janine Lyka Astudillo




4:18 nice to see you employed Hitler

1 minute later

Derp JJ

You big troll XD