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Abby 26


Karthick Ramesh

Hi dude... who is boss on your team..

Guadalupe Guzman

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Plastic Cups

2:09 neebs gaming

Taylor Ball

Also I like Coby’s hair like that

Isaiah Eggebrecht

People say this game is a waste of money, It’s a game that’s meant to entertain and bring people together. So by that logic, red dead redemption 2 in a waste of money as well.

Amey Durbha

Man they are making earth worse by fishing. Sharks aren't as mean as u think they are. They are nice as long as u don't hurt them or they aren't VERY hungry(very rare) .jaws just invited fear for no reason. They caught so many sharks and fish.i hope they just put them back in the ocean.

Cooper Slays

Well at least Coby didn't come last


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Mohammed Aazib Hussain

Hey Dude, It would be great pleasure if you could send me that drone


The fish hear everything guy was me my cousins told me that because I talked to much lol

lawry is one of the nicest guys around. And there is absolutely nothing to hate about raptors.

Christian Lauren

Directors: how dark should be this movie would be like?Disney: YES!

Aditya Talwar

Coby will win

07:32 the deathly hallows part 2


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Western Tarantula

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Reshiram Zekrom

Is there still somebody looking for the lesbian-hints? xD

The Biting Irish

I didn't play the campaign of BO2 because of the RTS missions. :L

Luis The Boss

Bois sub to PewDiePie

just want you to know its not your fault

4x4 Camping and Adventures

Low key "damn" when he hears the price.

Surya Kumari Nimmagadda

Hi gus do you all know that panda is tyler toney's brother jeff toney

Dinga Katzz

My mum used to have anorexia

SpeedSeeker MOTO

Popsicles are my worst nightmare. The noise they make and the feeling of the stick. Oh god im getting the shivers as I say this. Some kind of weird sensory thing but it makes me physically cringe into a ball.

Breanna Bourque

thumps up for hitting the panda lol also cody and garrett look different but still good video


What about the nerdcubed Easter egg


number 2 FTW!!!!

James Cross

Antonio Brown

hunter-juggalo ALPHA M

the calculations that had to be done how do you guys do it !!!?!

Bartekx1x Bartekx1x

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graham hobson

Chicago Cubs

Maroline Mara Waygbeh

I don't get the story . Is he a girl or boy?