The Reptile Guy - Removing retained eye caps from a boa

This is a video showing how we remove retained eye caps from a boa. I do not recommend doing this as you can cause serious injury to a snakes eyes if this is done wrong! This snake is a classic example of a pet that was not getting the treatment it required and I can not stress enough, the importance of doing your research before purchasing an exotic pet so that things like this do not continue to happen!


Chad looks like Liam Payne

Amelie Vern

I'm a tomboy too, I guess

Mark Mayr

What about the Robert Baratheon reference in Tiragarde Sound?

Red Dawn

For a second I thought they had the hunger games theme song at the start...

Dronko200 Commenting

7:53 that sounds like Harper from bo2

Mohammad Ramadan

More guys

Cr33perc0rn unicreeper

I feel bad for u if I was u sorry bro 911 that is to your brother!!



Dude, I could be watching this all day.

Does the person speaking in the video sound like a woman?

Jason S

“It’s a new world- “ Yeahhhhhhhh Michael “come on”

angle of death

Cute kooki(: there are 7 angles in the world and we call them bts*~*

Lizzeth Araiza

At first i thought that ann was a toxic friend but then i watched the ending!

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HJT 619

3:06 this girl acts like shes a 10/10

tyler lean

That ending tho 🔥🔥🔥

Matthew Ryley

good one


I cant even make a half court shot :(


Oof I like so emotionless with this for some reason when it should be backwards!!!

Sandra Kessinger

dude these guys are amazing

Francis Nelson

This actually makes me want the game more

Velocity Storm

You know I agree we all need happiness but I also believe because I am a gamer I am not wasting my life I am doing what I love and what makes me happy


The part that looked most fun was the fishing

simaaaz žaidejas gamer

🇸🇷 found the flag!


Laurenz Moreno

0:45 Steven Universe 😐