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Stunning video of a boa constrictor killing and then eating an iguana. It all happened in the Costa Rican backyard of National Geographic Explorer Susan Perry.➡ Subscribe: National Geographic:National Geographic is the world's premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure. Through their world-class scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, Nat Geo gets you closer to the stories that matter and past the edge of what's possible.Get More National Geographic:Official Site: Boa in My Backyard | National GeographicGeographic

Livija Dunskutė


Jason Brody

Best Watch Dogs Easter Egg video by far.

Justin Ansako

What about that one sticker guy at the side

rick sanchez

I’m so excited for you both!!

Matthew Adams

Am I the only one who would want to see the "inflation scene" or are there others?

Mae Vanz

Will definitely play this when i feel so dope dope lowkey high and dope

Me:srsly do u want pepper spray or the CLAW


felicia is my moms name

Evan Weinhouse

The 7s

Tasha Raynae

Any Oklahoma peeps here? haha.


Curry is just a overall good guy.

Mickey Mouse

Ha, an upcoming Disney movie actually has me excited for once, it's been a while since I've felt that way😁

Ryan Rowson

Like for team Cody


It really is needles in a hay stack.

mr. ihavenolife

#YAIYjob she hides in your forehead and stalks your brain, while you pay her to whisper into your brain for ideas.

Unikitty Paw Artamations

Poor girl, I hope your mom rests in the best of peace.

Antee 20

no one:

Vegetable Soup

I believe i speak for all of us subs that we would prefer if you kept doing what you've been doing for years, but if you decide to talk then you would defenitely bring in more viewers and most of us (including me) wouldn't mind you talking. Would ruin the magic in some videos though (like game easter eggs where the silence has a great atmosphere).

Connor Comardelle

I have the awsome game!

gamer dude

2019 anyone?


sr2 was better

Sean Worrell

Cody be like, "Ow, it's so hot!" Of course, it's fire.

Angel Ramirez

11:31 I thought it was Masa Pan


the halo 3 odst one kinda blew my mind. talk about planning ahead.

Aiko Matsuda あいこーもつだ

Technically the cancer didn’t make you lose your hair it was the treatment for the cancer.......

Ev Evenying Violin Gacha

The folk dress is more elegant and pretty. All the jewellery looks stupid and heavy.

Sophia Ellis

Bro I’m so excited for this and I’m not even embarrassed

Sigourney Alden

The incredibles one is wro ng they say A113 in the movie but not there.Merashe says it to mr. incredible she says he needs to see them in room A113.

Joshua Herrmann

My favorite team is the Rams and i swear IF I HEAR A SINGLE ANGRY SAINTS FAN!!!!!!

Solution: Use a gun...


yay 240:) not first

Boss Johnson

lo Garret looks like Berney Brewer the mascot for the Milwaukee Brewers

Steelarm Gaming

Who is here December 2017

Myla Rose

Where is part 2?


talk about Inside out XD

Johnny B

Skies built like an antelope