Tegu Attacks Dog 01

Website 01: 02: lizards are Florida’s most talked about invasive species after burmese pythons and nile monitors. These large lizards love to eat pet food and often show up on people’s property to plunder the cat or dog dishes. Tegus also feed on eggs and will plunder any alligator nest if giving a chance. They not only feed on eggs but they prey on young mammals like rodents, ground-nesting birds and turtles, which could impact threatened and endangered species, including the American Crocodiles and the Gopher Tortoises. Tegu attack was filmed by Heiko Kiera in 2011.

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I. Am. So. Happy right now

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I found out who is in the panda sute

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That's so epic.I love Tim's music and have always wanted to meet the dude :d

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where do you get the mini trampolines

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I heard if you praise the easter egg gods Guru will pin your comment. Let us all hope for an amazing year of easter eggs !



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I only like the battles if a twin wins

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Who's watching in 3098?

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So after they fought the brothers never talked again and became rivals?? 😱 wow that's messed up 🙄💔


Parents are dead is my bet “past isnt as it seems”

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I feel bad for you

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Harrys way too good


Title is misleading. That wall will clearly be built in New Jersey, not New York.


you have such a great voice, I love it (:

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This video is soooo relatable. I was diagnosed with chronic generalized anxiety disorder a few years back. I also suffer from I think panic disorder but I am not sure. I've had panic attacks before so not 100 percent sure on that one.

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someone: i don't support the lgbt+ community, but i'll continue to respect their choices.

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SERIOUSLY, Keanu in Cyberpunk 2077 movie/tv show. Do it now!

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1:30 legend🙏

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I love your videos guru! But I have a question, what was the hardest video you've ever made, whether it was technical difficulties, trouble finding easter eggs, etc.

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Awesome background score

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8:17 "enhance image... Holy F**king S**t" lol

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