STRIKE-World's Largest Snake, Guinness Records 2011, Strikes Coils Attack Big Scary

The 2011 Guinness World Records book shows that Fluffy, the reticulated python from the Columbus Zoo in Ohio, is the longest snake in custody, at 24 ft. (7.3m).Unfortunately Fluffy died on October, 26, 2010. She is greatly missed. She now has a daughter at the zoo, named Hanna, after a contest announced in December 2010.(The video:the original video's & soundtrack.No animals were harmed in the making of this video. The rabbit was frozen, Fluffy is hand reared, tame, and in a top zoo.)Video is unusual because it shows an active snake and a full range of its behavior-including swimming and climbing. It shows Fluffy instantly striking, coiling, attacking, and engulfing prey. It shows the snake making a strike so fast it is almost instantaneous. She then instantly coils around her prey. Her strike is surgically precise and she coils exactly around the body and neck of her prey.Fluffy, is a reticulated python, Python reticulates. She is recorded as the world's largest exhibited snake. Fluffy is 24 feet long, 300 pounds, and 15 years old. Fluffy's waist is the size of a watermelon. Fluffy is a sweet snake with a wonderful disposition.Two people have to be in with Fluffy at once and the video shows exactly how dangerous she can be. Although some snakes may appear lethargic, they can be strong and fast. Fluffy is a strong, powerful, snake with lightening reflexes. As shown she reacts very quickly to disturbances such as noises and sometimes seems aware, probably through feeling vibrations, of more than people are.She is also curious and actively takes in her environment. The video also shows her keeper being interviewed. He knows Fluffy well and can handle her in an expert fashion. She is well cared for. She is on a diet and the zoo is beginning an exercise program, which will allow her to move more and explore more of her environment. She recognizes the keepers and begins to move around before they enter her room.Fluffy may be the closest anyone can come to seeing a real dinosaur for Fluffy is dinosaur-sizedas long as some houses. She is so long, she may sometimes mistake her tail for another snake. However, she has precision control over her tail, can flick it at a slight disturbance, and sometimes appears to almost communicate by placing her tail in unusual positions.She is also very primitive, for the python even has a vestigial pelvis and hind limbs, which are remnants of its lizard ancestry, and can be externally viewed. They are strong with powerful muscles. Pythons are dangerous. They have killed and eaten people. They have a dangerous bite. The video shows how quickly one can constrict around a person and squeeze them to death. Pythons are ambush predators. They remain motionless in a camouflaged position and then suddenly strike. They can swim, climb trees, and can unhinge their jaws to engulf large prey.Females are good mothers and, like mammals, protect their young. They incubate their eggs by coiling their body around them. They keep them at a constant 89 C and even shiver to maintain the right temperature.These snakes are very beautiful and suggest that the dinosaurs could also be colorful. They have striking skin patterns that include blotches, spots, bands and rings. They can resemble ground cover. Some have iridescent colors and some species can shift their skin colors. They can have complex geometric color patterns, including diamond and other shapes.Fluffy was supposed to make an airplane trip, but it was cancelled after the movie, Snakes on a Plane, came out. Jack Hannah of the Columbus zoo has taken Fluffy on the David Letterman show. Here, Hanna said that Fluffy could get to be get 30-40 feet long, and live to be 50 years old.According to Guinness World Records 2005, the world's longest snake was a reticulated python, which was 32 ft. 9.5 in. It was killed in Celebes, Indonesia, in 1912. Fluffy came to the zoo recently and the signs shown in the video give the information about her. Resembles Harry Potter Voldemort's NaginiThe Columbus Zoo, Ohio, is number 1 in the country USA Travel Guide (Columbus Dispatch 2009.03.01 p. A3).Our Fluffy, the world's largest exhibited snake, series includes: Shows Fluffy striking at keeper, engulfingand eatingLARGEST SNAKE, PYTHON, ON EXHIBIT at:Fluffy during a tornado and the zoo escapeLongest Snake Tornado World's Elephantvery active snake shown being moved to an elephant enclosure can be seen at:World's Largest Snake Danger Loose Walk Swim Climb CaptivityFluffy died on October, 26, 2010. She is greatly missed.

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