Snake Vs. Elephant

The Fight Is On..!!


You should film in the darkness

Aka A&K

RIP I thought Ann was a person

Techin Studio

Make a video on bill gates

Lisa Marie

I’m soooooo happy she survive ❤️ and I love your videos


Wow i new some of these but i didnt know all the others!!!! U just earned a new subscriber!😄

or don’t, your decision

Corey Robert

Because every trick shot took them like 1000 attempts that they just edited out.

Tyson Holgate

Everyone should go checkout this man spotify the fact that every one of his songs doesn't have hundreds of thousands of views is a crime

Eric Chun

What the heck, garret was on the right edge of the track which means he would have gotten a shorter distance to travel around the circle which makes it kinda unfair

Felipe Camargo

I live there

Sammy Bienenstock

James harden was the only player do a trick shot


pppft ... next level easter egg from portal

meme boi's memes

#YAIYjob she works for this week's sponsor!


Anorexia is not a diet

I just cried a lot, that's all. #KeepitGboii

Jaslin Revelly

I always wanted to just be with my bf. We saw eachother almost everyday at school but i still missed him heaps. I was also just so scared that he was cheating on me or lying to me, and my biggest fear was him breaking up with me. We never fighted and always got along and was happy to see eachother. But for some reason he dumped me and I still dont have an actual answer to why he dumped me 😭😭😭💔💔💔

Angie Tang

Wow Donald trump is the worst

Saludos de mexico