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Weight Overload

In this universe uncharted and Jak and Daxter don't have their own world they simply did not exist and they were being played by the last inhabitant of that house

5744 Freight & Brokerage Inc


The rebootHD 101

Good thing gaming isn’t ruining my life


Bruno Araújo

"beer me, Jim" 😏


damm boy wat did u have for breakfast 5 hour energy drink


Very smooth editing well done

Tony Bopita-Boni

R.I.P Leo, Mickey, Ralph, and Donnie.

Riley Drkulec


Turnabout Bongui

5:28 i guess his co-workers aren't gone XD

Maegen Elise

I love videos like this with products I’d probably never see or hear about. 🙌🙌 That red lip color in the beginning was everything I’ve been looking for! 👌🙌❤️

Jelly Cuddles

I'm coming in here bc my ex friend is telling them for me.... And I don't want them to...

Arhaan Singh

Seeing the sumo wrestlers eat was amazing

Sahil Ahmed

Which anmat

Maya the Filmer

Omg it's BRAVE!!!!!

RedBin Rabbit

5:17 I laughed so much just like Naomi lied on the ground😂😂😂

Missymiss Miss

I had really bad jaundice my mother wouldn't produce enough breast milk she was worried about me she was pregnant with me at 30 years old ideal you my family was very worried about me and I understood why cuz if it wasn't for my mom realizing I won't wake up eat sleep drink while I would sleep forever actually I would have died... so I feel how you felt my whole family is well kind of messed up broken pieces of glass everywhere in which used to be the frame to the family we used to have but I'm fine with my different family cuz every person is unique in their own way and it is really special to be the only healthy person in your family so it made me feel better about my family thank you for putting this video!


@longspurdeluxe56 thats right all you have to do is keep trying and have it on film and delete the fails not that hard if you have alot of time and luck

Balaji Karthi


Ani Suarez

Girl I love this.

Devin Whittemore

Lmaooo that intro was sooo extra

Aphesha Thomas

my mother and dad would,nt do that

Bane Dorrance

Guru, where do you find all of your sick tunes? PS keep up the great work man!


GTA 5 makes all these games look like ps2 games lol or gta5 is just looking more like a next gen console game


On hunter x hunter not only sailor moon was there. There are also Power Ranger,Ghost Fighter, Ultraman, Kamen Raider inside milluki's room. check season 1 episode 40 :D

Adam SchlamowitZ

Does anyone want to talk about when ty hit was explaining the pool cleaner, he said a 45 degree angle instead of 90