Snake Eat Bird Eggs | Mother Bird Defends Her Eggs From Snake Hunting But Fail

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Skip Mccrabs

The baby had maybe not alot of iron intake because if you don’t have enough iron in your body you can suffocate because it lets the air molecules go trhu the body thus making the blood yellow and also making the skin yellow

Yelmo Sans

dude, you are amazing :)

Bozer 172

Who's watching this in 2017

Juwairiya Umar

I also love how Minutevideos always experiments when different art styles , so every video is _& *figures out they have dubs*

SupreMe GaMing

Best section is COOL NOT COOL it’s so fun and COOL I Love ever time there’s something SO UNIQUE

Edit: nevermind I read the description and it looks like a new game

Jennifer Thompson

At 1:56 the guy in the back is like what?Also at 3:56 notice he is lifting NOTHING but a metal bar!

mario gonzalez

crash bandicot tambien esta en la habitacion donde se encuentran los muñecos de nathan y jak and daxter


angry birds


SmileMoreGal_MythicalBeast 2005

I think the White Escalator Kayaking shot was the best.

Helen Beardmore

clicks on vid


That episode is old it has been in 1012


I love the ending guru

Scottie Redd

you should have a video with peyton manning


Gareg will win

Alaska Taylor

why is ty always the rage monster?!?!

Ujwal D

coby and tyler both are good but coby is best

Just The Good Parts

Don't even know wtf Black Mirror is. Just watched this because its a Guru Production. And yet again, I wasn't disappointed. Great work man!

Артём Баринов


Bi Polo-bear

alainna matthews

Note taken

Roman Papineau

All the shots are epic



Caiden Henderson

Cory ate the camera(NOT)


Farhan Chowdhury

Pennywise dance


Are you the voice of Jack from the Jack in the Box commercials?

Mario Cervantes

How to troll someone


Tom Brady


3:38 Ocelot is probably thinking something like : "Why does HE he get the booty damn..."

Emma-Lee Hogan

I played VolleyBall at school and I got smacked in the face and the back of the leg by one. It really hurt...

Luke Andrew Wedmann

You should next do obj or Tom brady


Maddie: HOAGIE

Moma Kaylyn

Girl...I know we didnt see much of the doctor visit but damn he isnt very personable.😳😳 Hope it was just a stressful day for him cuz to deal with that guy your whole pregnancy will be, fun....👀 You look absolutely beautiful Shyla! Can not WAIT to see what you guys are having!!💞👏🏻

North Korea=Pure hell.

tim w

This is your best one. Very funny ty

Epic gamer Siller 69

Honestly we need a movie that’s connected with John wick about her character in John wick 3 explaining her backstory

Judah Benhur

if it were a chicken...i would shut my computer off and watch re-runs of glad it is not a chicken.

Shar_k _

I’m the no touche XD


Your skin isn’t paper, so don’t cut it


If I think I need to make something my business I will. More people should be like you! <3

Mist: Save my flavors

Tech Dech Tricks 19

state building


So wired my doctor told me I shouldn’t do anything really that physical like jumping & stuff but did say I can do “light work outs that everyone is DIFFERENT but recommend not to be jogging because the baby can get sick/hurt getting moved so much & will cause some pain & early contractions but do you girl & whatever you feel comfortable with ! again everyone’s is different much love & prayers going out your way for your new little family 🥰

Sajid Ali

Dude Perfect are the best

Sheer Smoker

Can someone tell me where i can find a homerun baseball bat in dead island riptide?plz?

Hit the dab like Wiz Khalifa

i luv dude perfect but i think they copied ksi idk don't judge

Ali Hutchinson

Zorgo diffuse 7:03

Jacob Newcombe

Can you get a strike with an American football

Hello I am Paul

Im also Filipino.

Daria Ralea

I am so sorry for you. Kee up with the great videos. Love yall 😍

josef shehzada


Rae Rae

I hope her story made you realize how lucky you are to have a happy and healthy life. Please be grateful for you health and tell your family you love them while you still can, because you don't know what you have until it's gone.

piper rockelle

You are so bealful