Small Alligator vs Big Python 01 Stock Footage

Website 01: 02: skinny, yet feisty three feet alligator attacked a large (ca. twelve feet) burmese python, while basking near the water’s edge. The python is not just too large for the small alligator but its also very dangerous to attack and fight such large prey. It’s obvious that the python was not at all interested in feeding on the alligator. Due to its reluctance to asphyxiate the alligator it might be suggested that the large constrictor must have devoured something earlier that day.In general, american alligators are opportunistic feeders and have been know to prey on the invasive Burmese Python in South Florida. Regardless, killing an adult python is not an easy task even for Florida’s top predators. Alligators in general ambush their prey than dragging it into the deep water and drowning it. These killing technic doesn’t work alway, in particular if the water level is too low. The burmese python is able to avoid being drowned by keeping its head above the water. Every so often the alligator will try to brake the python’s neck by vigorously shaking it. Braking the prey’s neck might be an effective method to kill mammals and birds but it certainly won’t do much harm to the python in this case. Alligators have no problem crashing the hard shell of turtles but bitting through the tough python skin is a different matter. Nevertheless, the alligator’s bite force of 2000 pound per square inch will cause internal injuries on which the constrictor might die eventually. Alligator Attacks Burmese Python was filmed by Heiko Kiera aka Ojatro in Florida in 2016.

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I think I found a easter egg not seen yet, but on some of the cars on story there logo/manufacturer its the TFK crew logo of NFS Carbon 

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its not used in the story nor multiplayer just the Easter egg that's the point he's making ass

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Im a raptors fan and I hope KD is ok. He’s an amazing player and the game wouldn’t be the same without him.


You missed the Transporter Easter egg. In the room with the naughty dog mouse pad there is a movie poster called hair trigger that is very similar to the Transporter poster



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