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Denial of service usually relies on a flood of data. Slow Loris takes a more elegant approach, and almost bores a server to death. Dr Mike Pound explains.Cracking Windows by Atom Bombing: Zero Size Files: Google Deep Dream: Babbage's Analytical Engine: COMING SOONvideo was filmed and edited by Sean Riley.Computer Science at the University of Nottingham: is a sister project to Brady Haran's Numberphile. More at

Hope lolo

Dude Perfect's always awesome in whatever they do,even in mistakes. They try really hard to make these videos.

Does the person speaking in the video sound like a woman?

Mark Jester Matote


abbas haral

High to low and low to high


Leila Gallienne

you have been blessed with these amazing types of therapy, without this, you would be dead. you are a selfish girl. no-ones life is perfect. you cant even look on the good side. at least youre alive.

I completely understand

Gabriel Basden

Catherine made my pregnant ass cry when she started crying. I’m not even going 😢🤣


naked snake?

Asha B Modan

4:13 Thats a lot of tries (Baseballs behind cody)! Enormous patience in those guys to make these long shots.

ujwal pandey



Ofcourse they were black.

KNX Luckyy

Omg when i saw tf2 on the thumbnail i clicked it so fast

Nikki Bloom

My beck is green

Olivia Barrett



I can barley skate read the description.


Wasn't expecting that HAKUNA MATATA🦁 but its 🌊 so it flows.


press 2 for FRUIT!


The best way to spend the sunday evening has always been by watching your video's

Wolf Master

This proves that some people have a heart in this world. And that we need to embrace the hearts and love people give us, to share among other people and living things to make our world 🌎 at peace.

Daniel Miller

On Black ops DLC world at war maps nacht der untoten has mule kick bad thing is thats the only perk on the map.

Banjo Friend

Imagine if he made all 3

Blah Blah

The tall guy that only shoots 3s:AKA: Brook Lopez

Kyle Mcclure

Quality video as always.


God damn! You place your Easter eggs around your videos so well! On the that wall under the phone, it looks like it is actually a part of the scene, same for the neck of the book in the IT scene. The color and the lighting was PERFECT! My mind is like super blown right now because I watch every one of your videos, and have been watching every one of your videos since you started this Easter eggs thing! 😗


minute videos

Aaralyn Mullins

People are always saying having a period is a blessing, but ion see it!

max painal

Lol look them crows feet


Is anyone else wondering how this is physically possible 0:38


lmfao that earl sweatshirt part, killed me

Jurassic Titan

Anyone know if this is running on the same engine as breath of the wild?

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Who is watching this on Mother’s Day?

un_14known _

soooo nice

Sleeping Lis



Who else cried

Sascha Hamburg

This has nothing to do with a "Long Drive" they only use a Driver