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Angel Grey

Ok so like your friend is dead.


i wish it stayed as TJay lil baby's verse was complete trash


Top ten pointless eastereggs?


My parents just say it’s because I don’t eat enough and because I stay inside too much


AHHHH HE PASSED COLLAGE CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!and this is a very sweet story

shell shell

Would never wish panic disorder or a panic attack on anyone. I have panic disorder and it consumed my life for years YEARS. I had no idea what a normal life was, i was in a constant state of worrying about my next panic attack. Not sleeping, scared to drive long distances, i always kept water and a small bottle of wine with me in case i had a panic attack. And then to top it off having the attacks that make you feel like your dying which of course freaks you out more so it intensifies the attack and your walkind around, hyperventilating, scratching yourself and calling your mom. This shit ruins peoples lives. Im finally at a stage i my life where i cant remember last attack. So if there is anyone out there feeling lost, defeated tired and scared i promise you. you will find ways to overcome your disorder and to calm yourself down when the feelings come. Youll always have it, i sitll get the anxiousness and get close to a panic state but iv grown and overcome the feelings. Find your peace.

dead eye hunting and gaming BIG gaming BIGGER GAME

thanks for doing your videos I love them

Brooklyn Hanninton

At first I was confused by the trailer but I realized that it doesn’t spoil the movie, nice one Disney.



00:52 couldn't he hit both of the targets in a row? Cuz you made a cut in between

CD projekt: hold my GOTY

Luna -The Alien Community

I’m so sorry about diamond, my heart goes out to you guys ♥️ I’ve lost a lot of my dogs in the past it’s like losing a sibling . I love you guys

Aadhya Prithipal

Tyler looks like his dad

Twiix Channel

هل يوجد عرب؟😂😂😂😂😂🌚

Mel Thomson

BLEH who needs this when we have BFBBRH?



кто русский лайк

Asian Giraffe 2 car


Leslee Doyle



Volleyball streoptys

SpencerSharpeVlogs Metal

hey Jeffree i heard the news that Diamond died i am so sorry for your loss i hope that Diamond is in a good place and i wish all of you the best luck for the future

I didn't know what to write

Finlayson's Adventures

Lol watching in 2016 😂😂

Tatiana Santaella

Q linda letra para morir de amor después de Y te vas esa es una buena pieza para el amor

Garrett London

4:37 is that DJ Khaled in a painting? wtf?

Cetan Wanbli Win


Amaryllis Starsun

wait, so you COMPLETELY FORGOT WHO HE WAS?? REALLY?? how could you if he was THAT important to you??? im sorry. but personally no matter how many friends i have or how many people i meet someone i cherished that much would always stay in my mind, and i would never forget their face completely. plus she was atleast 10 or 11 when she left (5th grade). its not like she was a small child that would forget such early memories. and in the video she CLEARLY has a phone. i would hv tried to contact them SOMEHOW. im sorry i just dont get it??😒😅😒😕

Tvnightmare Gt

If I was walking by that field and saw this ...I would freak out and run because I would think they are angry birds


Man, the people asking what "Unused" means should never reproduce.


Those mental hospitals sound like heaven compared to the ones I've been to. It's fucking hell

I got a like on my comment...


Christmas came early 😂

Genesis Contrerad

Yo te amo y no quiero vivir en la soledad extrañaré tu obesidad que cada una fue genuino

DTM - DanTheMan

This is the type of video I need

Neel Thakkar

mana ya game khala bhut maja aya


Person: I was struck by lightning

guccitae '

I have a best friend named Polly and she is the best I could ask for. I'm lucky to have her.



Sweet Parker

B*llying me!!

NCunicorn girl


Nolan Paulay


David Kodua


Hampton Jones

This video was uploaded on my birthday

Paige Talbot

I thik cody is a nerd.

Sebastien Brouwer