Revejakt med hund 2019, Foxhunting with dogs, Rävjakt

Her kan du få se flotte fellinger av rev i los og det store øyeblikket hvor vi prøver Stian Dahl sin fremadstormende fox Terrier Niro på rev for første gang! Se filmen og se hvordan det gikk.

Jairaj Mistry

the droid moving on the back all the time is really irritating on the eye but other than that it looks amazing!

Hi Human

I don’t get three


Together we stand, the people of today

Bradyn Bredemann

Trust me I have Bipolar Disorder and it is way more threatening than you actually think

William Watson


Strong Hold15


Aceiaus The man

I also have asthma

Yessenia Calderon

FBI: PE teacher going to jail you disgusting pervert

AB Technical

Garetts rocket

Teh Celos

Make Hitman easter eggs. Jk, no make moar! I love your vids <333

Ruby jimenez antonio

This happened to my mom before i was born

Lurah Cabalo


trinidad arlene


Anna Vassilkov

I have OCD and I work harder than everyone else, but it’s worth it because no one can know

BradyBG 73

My favorite dunk was the signature dunk!

britney george

i would blurr out his face. bad energy.

Joshua Hunter

Why does coby mostly lose in overtime bc he always gets pinched by not wearing green

Martis Gemim

Tai besar

thumbnail shows image of girl cutting hair with scissors

Milagros Carmona

bóxer broo

That guy is a jerk!

Captain Spack Jarrow


Edit I’m not sure if it was ever or just in Australia, my grandma told me a while ago


damn why am i more emotional that i should be?


you have 94 skill points O.O

Phantom Sawyer

This is faze for sports


Panda good dancer

Shasley and Doodle man


Jeremiah T

Great game but the references seem a bit 'on-the-nose' in some cases.


If people pick on your big legs crush them with your thighs.


" I'am not my hair

Thad Miller

my friend sais panda


gechiini gonzaleez


Jhany_ 67

He said school is boring I agree with you so I will become one of the richest person in the world minutevideo I hope you are still alive when I tell my story 😎😎

kimberly vaught

You are the nicest person I ever met

Your adopted.

Before 500k views anyone?