Lauren Hunter

I would love being French toasted

Jackson Berezo

I don't know if I believe that one. =/ Lol.

Friends friends


Thats why you should wear a swimsuit instead of a .... what did you expect? Once my friend wanted to join my swim training, it’s extrem hard, you have to push your limits and bla bla and she just showed up in a bikini... wth.

Roman Heru


Robert Cade

The call of duty finest hour one was really cool

cookie swirl c

calvin Johnson


I finished the dlc faster then I come.. PAUSE haha

B Player

i love call of doddy but what has it become

James Nnabeze

Been saying this steph is a finals choker, call me crazy but his finals resume says it all

Sunita Ghariya

I m just thinking I m useless and and ugly and suddenly I watch the video thanx I feel better now

climax mini films

the puns i made

Carl Sniffles

.keep it funky


These stories are fake

Surreal Feeds

You are an amazing youtuber, you can just tell the how much effort you put in your videos keep up the good work.

Fanny Ceballos

Did anyone else see lele at 0:39?


20mio 😊✌✌✌

afsal karmen

May 2019?

Henry Oakes

Tracker sucks Lund’s better

Jonathan Terry

he or she forgot one easter egg the where you can find the front cover of the case in the game