"is" vs "==" in Python – What's the Difference? (And When to Use Each)

► Write clean & Pythonic code and start using advanced features in your Python codeIt's easy to get tripped up by Python's "is" and "==" operators for object comparison. In this video I'll explain the difference with a few easy to understand examples.There's a difference in meaning between equal and identical. And this difference is important when you want to understand how Python's is and == comparison operators behave.The == operator compares by checking for equality - the "is" operator, however, compares identities. The difference between them breaks down to down to two short definitions: An is expression evaluates to True if two variables point to the same (identical) object. An == expression evaluates to True if the objects referred to by the variables are equal (have the same contents).Check out this tutorial if you want to drill deeper: COURSE – "5 Thoughts on Mastering Python" TRICKS: THE BOOK TO THIS CHANNEL: * *► Python Developer MUGS, T-SHIRTS & MORE: Python Tutorials & News:» Python Tutorials: Python News on Twitter: Weekly Tips for Pythonistas: Subscribe to this channel:

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