Python vs King Cobra Malaysia



Mamatha H



@willchamb Youtube does not allow 28 hour videos

Carlos Gastelum

All of tylers

Dumitru Rus

Im in the same situation.. and nobody know what is my soul...better too dye then live like that

Giana Portugal

my grades were going down" OH MY GOD I GOT AN A-!!!

erik corona

Does the bo2 one reallywork????

emma.banana lol


dew drop draws

Believe it will happen, believe things will get better, no one deserves to die but things happen and people leave your life for what ever reason but just know that it always gets better :) Over the wave of pain and agony you’ll get a calm ocean of peace.

Miks Henrijs Ozoliņș

Billy i love soccer

Mason Jalowiec

James Charles just tickled your pickle, like to undo

Rajesh Kumar

Instead of captain stark should be on thumbnail

Zeroth dimension- a point

Iisme B

Me:can hold my breath for 2 minutes

James Bond


go alvaro

👊 noggin

Adrian Barr

The saints

Ben Belanger

And 2nd like oioooo

Starlight Cat

Oh I wish I could meet him I would be his friend it it doesn't matter what your skin color is your nationality or your sexuality you are not different from anybody else, you are just as equal and for adopted kids, yeah, they will feel like they don't belong with their adopted parents, but they actually do, and it's not just adopted kids that have problems with their parents, some kids who are born into a family actually have problems too, they feel like they don't belong in their family either, and like I said, I wish I could have met him, I would have been his friend and told him it would be ok


Gotta admit, the Portal/SSTV thing was pretty sweet!


I love ratchet and clank :,) I have Rachet and CLank UP your Aresenal


I cry after i watch this sad love story im still cryingen their never meet and her love just dies D-;

Steve MC

no i did


There is no rope u queers

Inja xoxo

Who else finds these coloring super satisfying

FiveRainbowsever xX

How would she remember this if this was REAL its not real i watch them alot but im not gonna watch another Watch its really good. Look storybooth on youtube