Python Snake vs Monkey - Wild Animals Fight Powerful | Shocking Snake Attacks Caught on Camera

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Augustas Degulis

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Honestly, i cant figure out whether any of these people are from ifunny or not. Maybe just post another 1000 comments, and ill know.

Stringer Bell - 93

1:03 is Black Ops !


The illustrations are so good!

Park Jeesong

2nd best news after cyberpunk 2077

Myst Treezy

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Daylen Graham

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Snoeksie Spin

Team Coby

Brian Lewis

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Unknown Gaming

Any one else just found themselves staring at the stats on the right side of the screen?

Sarah Alayon

I’m so happy for you guys! Congrats on your new blessing! May god watch over him and you guys! Love your shit! 😂🥰

Ethan: Don’t cheat

Jose Garcia

pic is amazing

Darian Hill

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Michelle Sithole

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The band of brothers Easter egg was my favorite

2Bxndz1chopp a

I'm a girl i like your vid I'm popular at school for singing and dancing people make fun of me

Ember 6

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Michael K.

Preordered this as soon as I could a few months ago. Glad to know when I can play it.

MG Martian

I am sorry. This does not look like the legacy left by Marvel. I mean really? Is this the best you can do? First of all, why reduce Hulk back to his mindless ragey state and second, where is Thor's Stormbreaker? Why does Natasha look like she stuck her finger in the plug? (And got brain damage from it)

Umar Adnan

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Lilian Nguyen

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Waited for this, thank you^^ You're the best <3

PS: A LOT of your viewers say your voice is ASMR... you are one lucky bastard :P

stupid boi 666

I feel like committing suicide thanks to my two lonely C's 0:50

Akshai NM

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Andrew Coleman

Dude Perfect- Deforestation since 2015

Wolfey 21

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