Python Programming Tutorial - 21 - else and elif

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Boi don't ruin that lv1

Derek r

its like avengers

I'm sorry, that's fine

Ignacio Hernandez

i want to buy it

Ryker Santiago

And they say white people cant shoot

Zoki Kisiuga

do one against mrbeast

AllOfSam JSE

Such amazing voice acting!

Geometry Boi

1:24 don’t tell me it doesn’t look like the club hit the pineapple

Beech Balls

Overtime is better than the regular DP episodes. Love it

Hita Yalla


Amirah M.

they should do stephen curry

Korbin Asbury


Gamingwith Ezzixox

Thank you for including autism because I’m suffering from it and can never be happy

Matthew Tirabasso

Look at Ty at 1:12 and the scene after that

Ava Breen

* dad has belt *

JaygaBlimpz YT

Garrett Was In The Camera

Manuel avendaño

Taba weno yapo conejo ql te pusiste vio zi


Bop 🔥🐐🔥

Cofe Gamer


Carmello Macias

Ghost riders

Kaustav Saikia

Haha so slippery!

Just a random Gamer

Hold up theres one million veiws and 2 million likes ...?

Sounds weird but I like it


I don't remember battlefront looking that good.


This video was 1337! ^_^

So Official98

Damn 1,700 for sean weatherspoon? I could get those for 600 but maybe size 15 is more rare


So... what's it about?

Gotsta Bag Jo' Momma

that's not Ganon….

Tatianna J

amosc: llkatanakittyll. I need someone to talk to.

antonio heh

Do you have another husband ?

Joel Jaques

Where is the crane

Miss McCoy

If I don’t see Kristof or Olaf I’m gonna be real upset

iPhone: am I a j0ke 2 u?!?

Mike Cloen

Any one in 2017!!!

Wendy Jenkins

Looks like a angry bird sling shot


Goodfriend10 Goodfriend10

PLOT TWIST! Fallout. Wikia. com/fallout_4

Victor Ortega

Why does baby Phil look like Rebecca?

But ok then

connor kennway

some people say in saints row 4 you can find in the sea lin's car is true or not if that is real say me where i can found him 

Uate Tamanikaiyaroi



Regarding the after-credits part : Guru, you have no idea how much I appreciate you. I sincerly think you have by far the best kind of editing for top 10 things and I especially like to see you make something like the Inappropriate James Bond video or The Last of Us. They were so good. And I am amazed on how your channel is not that big. You're really good.

Rattle snake Ripka

Almost died at birth and my sister didn’t get to see me for a month or my mom so can u pin this comment and shout out to savage lil rippers my brothers channel

Tessa Brooks Lover

I missed gray's old hair


Thank you for awesome videos, Guru!

Jk Rowling