Python Hunting in the Florida Everglades - NBC2 - Derek Kemp Photojournalist

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My mom forced me to play sports and sometimes doesn’t want me to have the job I wanna have.

milk juice

I'm sorry...math*


Very well done


Chuck Tighe



I wish people just stop calling them fakes because these guys work really hard on what they do & yea they were even on several news channels there even doing endorcements with Pepsi.

Killer Killer

Garllet is my favourite

Marc Oriol

Who's watching in 2017


@Kalashx it would be funny if they had one where they missed every single shot

Angel Rodolfo pech diaz

I hate this clown calle Kimmel he is so false

Sniper Gamez


Lisa Villarreal

I said hi to Travis at The Oregon Trail Rally

John Armstead

God Bless the Polit

Adan Mendez briseno

you missef the spoiler



Xo Xo

Pinoy gang, where you at?

5.Lies to his friends on the phone saying he’s somewhere else alone when you are in front of him.

Gabriel Irimia

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stativeaxe7928 li boss


Konnor Dakota

Must be nice


Are you going to do watch dogs?


So how many times did it take you to actually land the shots?

Mikayla Oger

Lol I thought Tyler threw the 🐢

tomy opdb

jaja i love those funny moments you put in these serious vídeos like the kid eating cake or gabes face (in the mad max/half life) one keep it up, love your videos

Question Mark 09

Did anybody at all notice that the theme song in the beggining sound a lot like the one in avengers endgame

adam pelletier

Farcry five one isnt really an Easter egg , it's just an alternate ending

That Filthy Weeaboo

More than likely weather related, with high winds and fog compounded by the screwy way the wind goes through the space between buildings in a major city. My question is, why was there a helicopter in the air on a day like today, in such weather conditions? I used to go fishing, even I knew to stay off the water in such conditions for safety's sake.

Bonnie Newhall

Wheres panda!?


She creates new kidzbop lyrics?

chill McDonald's employee chill McDonald's employee

Your Dad eats a burger

emily victoria

Now I really want to see them take a full on AP test that’s where the REAL stress is


Where can I get that hoodie tho...

#1 Warriors Fan

All but 5 of the trick shots was Tyler "the guy that thinks he's the best" shooting

Great Minds 1

I dont know what game yall are watching but all i saw was triple and double team every time Steph touch the ball. Yall dumb asf

Addison Wolford

1:59 periods lmao XDDD


I meant thinks

Keri Misiaszek

my favr vid from 2016 is water bottle flip edtion


@crazitomali the never said they did it in one shot th could of done 100s of trys and put the good one iin

patrick burke


Vladosik Play

руские в перёд уррррррааааааа!!!!!!!!


they never miss a shot!


Don't use the abarth just use a Lamborghini aventador ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

star light