Python GUI Development with GTK+ 3 - Tutorial 5 - Grid Layout

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Snakes at 22:04 thank me later

carpe that fxcking diem



So sad to see another channel copying mrBeast

Wishing you a good day


Sugar dude

Scott Poynter

That is soooooooooo fake

kool aid

Hagrid is here

Sabella Molinaro

My high score of my pogo is 805

TheLastOfUs Pro

what happened to the brute at the end, when he was standing with his arms out like that, also happened to me on the last of us. I walked out of a house and Henry was just floating there in the air though.

padmakshi acharya

I know it might sound weird but can you do "stone trick shots"

I had diarrhea

Vince Elrey

I saw you're show today

Alexis Domingo

eek! I would just hug the twins!!!! hit like if I should hug the twins


Is the last of us a zombie game or just a shooting game like max payne

Alen Rubin

Tyler 3:58

but, the rest of my special needs class are going, so that's cool!

Vyelza Turney

Youtube do youtube next


"I have discovered a grand secret!"

Bri Duque

My best is 71 like if that is cool to beat them

Dybala P


Brady Zander

Me 2016


This came out on my b-day

Vlad Nygaard

16 bounces

Donovan Lombara

tom brady

Emily Sullivan

I'm now a fish....

- Third day: * Ovary take out a club and start whacking everything* Major leaks day

Potężny Warmianin

1:47- 15dmg, Mozambique as its best....

Kopinoodles God

I think Cody wins

Saskia Schotten

Please do a guide for eyeshadow on different eye shapes and how to apply it in the most flattering way

Layla Busally

I didn’t share this story in the YouTube but I completely feel like this is my story except of drugs but all of this happened to me too

DD spaguettio

this is my favorite dude perfect video of all time


you know in the old star wars moves Han and chewy and Indiana Jonas weir suppose to come too gather where Han dies and his remands are found by jones as well as the bigfoot siting which is chewy

Ghostly Kai

ever heard of do not disturb?



Vuk Todic

You are all sick this girl is getting bullied and you are leving comments one like one slap for bully that wouldnt go na do anything only you will get likes

Philip Pines

Hey that'a new profile pic

MajesticTaco 123

The worst part of the video is when tie read the 4th Harry Potter book first

hema latha

I love your friendship

# JoshaxxGOLD

Wow it’s number one on trending!