Python Devours Alligator in Florida's Everglades

National Park Service officials say they captured a Burmese python over 18 feet long along a popular wildlife-watching trail in Everglades National Park. The 18-foot-3-inch python was caught July 9 along the tram road at Shark Valley in the park.


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Am I the only one who wants to see a behind the scenes of these type of videos❓❓


portal song was nice

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that initial D tricycle clip xD

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Why did Cody want orange juice while brushing his teeth?

H Quickshotz


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Loved it

Edit: Silly me haha, it's in the corner of my screen!

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I like honeybuns to

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I feel like coby is getting bullied by tyler

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The Range monster 😂😂😂😂

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Cristiano Ronaldo


I was talking about kerry and astro. Them being bullshit is because I didnt understand your comment, and kerry's, because assassin turkey.


Holy crap, I'm so glad to hear that 'All the Way' Christmas track by Chance "in the wild", good song picks!

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They should not cut the tree

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The beard looks soooooooo FAKE

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how many throws did it take you to hit that

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why would the police arrest someone without proof of it happening though?


This looks like the one at sagus mass.

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16 bounces lol

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Is it just me or does lil skies sound the same in every single song?

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what game was that at the end

Brandon Latouf


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I’m just like u girl but not there bleach thing

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0:10 Cody makes the shot he does not have to make an excuse edit:(nevermind)


Her: Stares in disbelief

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NEVER KICK TY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I knew you would do this:)

Alligator Bites

You look like hero( big hero six)

I doubt it's a spoiler from explaining the ending nowadays.

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Can you guys please take on How Ridiculous in a trick shot battle they are the Australian version of you guys plus they drop things onto things and have even broke some of your world records of highest basketball throw.

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When you don’t put ft Chelsea in your title it means you have enough views

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This video is amazing


if you stop , i will miss you

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Wish i had theseSuper


are you serious? QQ

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Why its not on Spotify!!! Put it on it

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My friends are going to FREAK OUT when it looks like I'm playing GTA 5 :)

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This is the time when you could not differentiate the twins

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That face though 1:01



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Anyone watching 3456

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its 2018


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Thank God you made this :) 

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