Python Coding Challenge 6 | Oxford Comma

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Lol dont hold x

Kenaniah Gaming

12:02 emotional chandler

Gacha Emma Playz

Oh my gosh I love bijuu mike but he never talked about this

Finckle Shinckle

Me seeing thumbnail: who even uses disks anymore for there Xbox

was poppin jimbo


Bettyboop / Bea

true it could be but proof shows that area 51 got blasted off earth by the rocket it could be on mars but it could be just floating there.

Me: Wait Waa? 😐


read the damn title..

Thick Bitch

Annna ou-


if they push the needle for the epidural like 1cm too far then u gonna be paralysed for the rest of your life

Logan Kajfasz

Ceter point

George Marcial

howdo uget so much comments

Shannon Cox

I like you

seth maldonado

See no one can win with zero help lebron had zero help and he played amazing but did he win the series? No he needs help. Everyone needs help . You act like a team with Draymond and 35 yr old iguadala as the 2nd and 3rd best players is going to win it all

M y T r u e S e l f

Me hearing the ending FUCK YESH


Yes I know, I say that in the video, It's just that I was showing it still works in Nuketown, also to those who might not have known for Black Ops 1.


My mother and father divorced when I was 6 months old. My mother still gets emotional to this day when talking about it. She has a condition where it’s hard to birth children and so..... when they had my brother, it turned out okay, but it took them years to have me. She took tons of medicine and did annual doctor visits to make sure I wasn’t a miscarriage like she had prior. During that time my father thought she wasn’t being “wife material” enough so he went out and cheated on her. Ironically the woman was from the same school and my mother and her knew each other. What’s worse is that my father has terrible anger issues. So that went “well”. >.<

عبدالله العتيق

man u r eating a raw meat !!!!!!

Debbie Mauch

anybody here in 5999

AnnaBelleNuggiesArenice :D

GACHA MIKE! POOR YOU! It’s ok now that you are supported :) now 200,000+ people can support you now :)

DerpyHarry XD

did you seriously censor the word bullying

Digeyz_ Yt05

Who's watching in 2018 like if you are


kraft mac and cheese is nothing compared to kraft dinner :P


Ugly ass shoes smh

Oliver Zohn

Tylers dad looks most like him


His voice is oddly attractive.

Darwin Ch

Ty without beard is gold haha

Roleen Reasonda

Poor Bucky,if that's how you spell it right

Lucy Diosdado

Gurl you should have told your parents to leave you with your grandparents.

1k subs With no vids

Why can’t Dylan have a YouTube chanel

Ty Thornton

Where's Garrett

this is why you can upload your family photos for free - the strategy of drug dealers is also "first one is for free". facebook is a satanic cult from hell. i hope that piece of shit company crashes and burns

Exulted_ Stranger

Pop back in the prequel ft. Xxxtentacion and Jesus

Aaron Brandenburg

I just got a whole new respect for Ferguson I didn’t have before! Great class!

Jackseptieeye 103

That was fake he was throwing it to fast down makes no sense


What was the bottom anime in the thumbnail?