Python Classes - init constructor

_ _ init _ _is pretty much pythons constructor equivalent.I try to explain what it does, and demo it in a simple examplethat is clear and comprehensible. Good luck.

Lelam Ntamo

Black widow


I found a titanic reference, skeleton on a door leaning over the edge while another hand is just barely visable coming out of the ground

Master blaster pastor

Whenever ever you talk you seem so quiet but your fucking sense of humour is fucking hilarious meme game strong

Chino Sator

The title of this video sums up my life accurately

Ana M. Narvaez

2018 France did

The commenter who wrote this

marichat _lover

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Victor Swinnen


Lizzie Bjorgan

has anyone else notice that Cory and Coby hardly wear hats in videos are is it just me

Allie Coffey

Hi I’m Emily and I love your videos u guys are AWESOME and I give a like for Cory because be needs it

Elliot Walker Hayes

Liking the Khaled reference 😉

Neil Brown

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Hunter Royden

Tyler will win I think

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Nhật Quỳnh

I like it

Epic-_-Game 48

This video was pretty neato

Jocelick Salas

You already show the number 6 in another video


How many tries are you guys allowed to take?

Jen Geller

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Kid: Daddy! Daddy

Kimberly Cook

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anna thomas

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Danilo Eduardo

Canal Top


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Liz •

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Chef Excellence


She was full of fear and disgust, so much that she cried herself to sleep. Not only because of what that nasty boy did, but also, much probably, because she wanted to stop him and didn't knew how. But still love Dude Perfect !

Biggie Cheese

Who’s watching this in 2103

Lollofox 7

Song at 9:10?

2M 🔓

Berdst friend

My god you deserved those likes!

James Carroll

lol 1:05



4:36 see panda’s face now!!! Also, watching Dude Perfect video from 2012 in 2019?!?!? Loooooooollll!

Watermelon Girl

8:10 Garrett sounds like his life is simple

Keyur Apte

We want a glow in the dark trick shot 2

Its Derpy Logan

Do Ryan Braun next