Our Boa Granted a Girl's Wish (and Hid in a Basket!)

Wishes & More enhances the lives of children with terminal or life-threatening illnesses by providing unforgettable experiences for them. We surprised Maddie at Wishes & More and brought her snakes to grant her wish of "wanting to hang out with reptiles for a night"! It was so rewarding to see her big smile when Doug (our boa constrictor) made a surprise appearance on stage in front of over 700 attendees/sponsors! Check out Wishes & More here: DISCOVERY MERCHDISCOVERY PATREONby BenSound and YouTube studio library.

Kitasu Arano

Thats in game

Paul Luca

Ironhide at 2:21

Aurora's Random Time

Doing small things that leads to big out comes, you actually may have saved a life. Or broke a Pinentchel chane if abuse when the child grows up.


Yeay this is the polish game. In poland this game cost 200 złoty so around 50-60 dolars ;-)

Helene raven

I got myself a crested gecko for this purpose, haha... It's helping a lot to have something to care for

A wild TomTord fan Chicken nugget

I have borderline personality disorder and I suffer from all symptoms and I am so proud and happy someone who also has it came out to talk about it!

Waleed the Master Maali

That’s is hilarious when Tyler throw a cup at the TV 19:16

David Miller

1 like = 1 prayer that Dylan won't let his sickness make his life sad.

col in

save pewdie sub to him and unsuscribe from t series

AdTy Sylvester

Johnny is a machine



i tryed the latest easter egg , man this is waayy to hard

Crazy Crib

Tyler rage monster: NOW THATS ALOT OF DAMAGE

Häftig Iz

so bottle flip trick shots

Sandra Lewis

Isn’t washing your hands to much hurting your immune system. So Isn’t it bad cause you won’t have a good immune system.


Not that impressive. Now if whenever you got caught assasinating people, the MGS "Caught" sound played, that would be cool

Mr. Trickshot

This is why I love this YouTube channel and GuRu


cant wait..............

Хришћанин и Толкиновац

Winter is coming in 22nd November. I hope it will be colder and longer than the one in 28th April:)

Grant Wright

Patriots I’m a die hard Edelman fan

Mango_ Baby

I’m none I’m the British


Harry Krishna

you forgot some

Cat Lady


INSANE YSLUM is the padded rooms were they tie u

bryan lobos

awesome ! i Like this videos



Rayane Van Dessel

you are aswome

Diego Ramirez

first thing i saw level 69

Pedro Nicolas

Good Vídeo Guru

Jeff Armstrong

you should try that shot without a moving goal

Muqtadir Abbas

who also heard dude "perflict" in the intro

Shabbar Jeeroo


cara browne

I was watching this with my friend and I just stared crying she thought I was wired (I cant spell that good) also its really bad to have this happened to someone because something like this happed to me

I am sooooo happy 😋😋😋

Brynn,Bryan, Teagan, and Janiyah

My favorite football team is the Dallas Cow boys and just FYI I’m from Illinois so the rest of the family except for my brother and dad are bears fans my dad is a Chiefs Fan and my oldest brother is a Packers fan.