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Man:Do it or you die

kassem S

Best AC game

Alex the Gamer

The portals at 4:00 are giving off a tardis like sound. Just me or..??

Destiny Rose

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Jackson and Ryan Van Epps

Who’s watching after he got traded!

aka Rafugito XD

Im the Trash Talker and the Power Button Pusher

Lippy's Garage

HEY Sweet Vid Jake.

Justin Vargason

Dude whats with the no commentary you are supposed to be talking and calming us tell a joke a bout your pet cat or ferret if thats your deal

2020 tesla roadster

The gta one was sad ;~;


he aint even about shit😂

Axel Porcherot


Ivy Lustre

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Donald Duck

Praying for you. God bless. Jesus Christ loves you and can help and comfort you. <3

Wolkowicz Grzegorz

I love RAGE monster

Roman Ramos

This os true her name is juliane

Sharon Tanner

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rachel diane ames

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Red Crystal

Gold diggers just need to play some Minecraft 😂



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wtf is gamink and somethink

Cowboy vs Justin or Conor

Diallo Presley

Un Nerf the deagel pls

Thornton TV

Next Face Off video make a Dude Perfect shootout with Luke Bryan kick boss and Blake Shelton

Max Crawford

23 bounces

Adrien F

Easter egg at 1:12 !

Carolyn Partida


Nyororo Meowelas

does anyone else appreciate the gun sound effects in borderlands 1 more than borderlands 2?



Reynard. D.A

1:31 Atittude Adjustment

Baki Tokgoz

Senator DJ. Khaled?? 2:05

J Moore

Seahawks are boss

I have digestive disorder

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team cody

Suzy Wilde

Check out the Wilson dude perfect

Mayah Anderson

Did you know that sugar babies are an actual candy?

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