Lions Suffer Serious Consequences When Sticking On The Back Of A Giraffe

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MiSs ViCiOuS

Omg the Edward Scissorhands scene...soooo many tingles! I love that part.




galaknuckels and raygun at round 2? hmmmmm

M i a T r a n




Pipe TV

Bro November 21st is my birthday



I would have told Jennifer off and slapped her twice

"How, rick?"

Vanessa Scalf

Just want to say thank you! I live on Oahu and had no idea about this amazing store!! Guess where I will be shopping this weekend. Also “It’s not her fault, these balls were unexpected.” Is the best quote ever.

Waifu Neeko

hey..i wonder if anyone would play this game even after all enemy removed...just free roam

Basically texting is awkward

Death Knight

Hayao Miyazaki vs Tim Burton

Jay Ballon d'Or

Girl : "Has my story changed your view on open relationships?"


Michigan hat👍🏼

Zander Reinecke

There’s no sound space

Iwan Michailov

Doe a twin batel cory vs coby pls

Ali Imran

Amazing nice

Walter Kotowich

Ohhhh you are getting close to episode 100 you should totality do a special!!!!!

Shivarani Krishnan

Domi knock down


INVALID RESULTS!!! you cant judge fairly and clearly when you both KNOW what food came from what place. you need to do the tasting WITHOUT KNOWING where the food came from!!! because of that its a THUMBS DOWN.


Seriously, who started this nonsense of "[someone] : How much of [something] do you want? [response] : Yes!" This is getting old very quickly. Stop it already! :) Also, awesome trailer! Can't wait for it

Legitimate Legend

No dead grandma's were harmed in the making of this video


true ponyo was a fkin asmr


who else saw the "title" at 30:08 😂

Jason Rardon

You all are the best youtubers!!! I wish you all the best in the future! You all GOATS!!🐐😁🤑

Lil Fizz

Are you kidding me(jumps off building)




Are you ever going to shoe your face

Juliana Rodas

7:32 when Ethan says bro it kinda sounds like that bruh vine

randomvids 143

the founder joke was funny

gretch mcrdle

Pretty good

7M NO 🌑🌑🌑🌕🌕🌖🌑🌑🌑🌘🌑🌑🌑


purp hosier game

Me: ... ...

Kayden Livingstone


Doctor: .... nothing like it... you have a serious addiction problem with screaming

Sams time with me

Hey you guys should try to make thermite with magnesium instead of aluminum I wonder if it's possible please put this in a video I really want to know

Faiqa Raza

She should've apologized to her friend for not listening to her, "what are you doing here".....rude.....and also that Bee girl seems like she just wants to use her. Ik I'm being critical, but I'm just saying

Michael U0278


Rudy Straight

I pray we get another injury. We need mo fire power to take em out. They still too good

what do you think is no.1 now?

วิศวม.นเรศวร#04 #UP

Magical 🎶🖤🇹🇭🏁



Vincent jay la vassei

So this story is from thailand

I hope you will bring more RE7, im sure there is a ton more eggs to find.

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