Learn Docker in 20 Minutes

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Amherst Hockey

Do teams that are good and not bad Texas boys

JM Vila

try yoyo tricks 😎 plss

•biscuit_bisquicc •

That’s horrible!


Ontario dairy farmer

you should race farm tractors!!

Enzo Ottonelli

1:00 <3 DOCTOR WHO <3 23/NOV/2013 <3

Avery & Sevryn McC

Frozen love for ever! Even know it has been about 6 YEARS SINCE THE LAST ONE! I will still watch it. So excited!

İn Infial

Ni Film like rainbow six trailer. GarbageSoft

Vian Hariston

were is Garret


0:41 CSGO ak-47 sound here

GachaWolf _Editz

You can just say NO, U

Neni Reyes

i did not get number 7

Dank Bob

Which is better the factory or the new dp hq

Jennie Pickburn

ABC song


How do you know if somebody is happy? Sometimes depression isn’t shown like an outfit or it’s hidden .. so therefore this experiment isn’t true


First Loch Ness Monster, now a giant cockroach?


Rip the old guy


Lol you put Infinite Warfare in it's coffin before it came out XD

Nguyễn Mộng Quỳnh Anh

Momo can finally sing with her real voice now omg 😭


My dad thinks the shots are fake

Degan Graboyes

All of your essays were worth d’s

pvzfanboy1038 yt

Are you still a gold digger?


What is her country

Jesus Christ Gaming

0:45 Mum's spaghetti

Melle TV

Only me watching in 2017?

Soney Rider

1:36 The Purple Hoser didn’t want the Purple shovel but the Yellow shovel

Ghosteyes 969

I don’t know what I’d do without my dog so i can’t imagine what you are both going through :/

techno ishan

I want Tyler for the segment wheel unfortunate

Captain Rex

You a dirty gold digger

Melissa Sieben

My favorite segment is wheel unfortunate

Linh An NG

Prince is amazing not only he learn new lessons throughout his life to apply but he wants us to apply lessons to our own life

Mati _Uni KITTY

How can you enjoy school???LikE WhAT

Crutiate Thomas

Speaks the most facts

Melissa Cooper

I keep thinking of that religious woman who got thrown in jail for refusing to give marriage licenses to gay couples. It was legal in her state for same sex couples to get married. If she didn't want to do her job instead of breaking the law she should have resigned and found a different job.

Gregory Louie

MiO. Its a drink mix. Kind of like crystal light or gatorade powder but its in liquid form.They're actually pretty good but the flavors are pretty generic.


After 3 years I still have asthma

Andrés Almada / almadaBC094



@ChumpInABathtub if you want to prove a point and use a CoD game as an example, you're gonna have a bad time


all this hype about cliff :D


"Last Hurrah" Bebe Rexha anyone? 1:52

duflex _alex

i mean fear 1 did too


6:35 hes very tyred

Momin Bin Farrukh

High to low

Matthew Lui

Rest of the world: We need wave breakers to dissipate the energy of waves

Mykiea Mcafee

Dude you suck

Fanatic Francis

Never clicked this fast before. 😂

Chloe Helbert


Artistic sam

This animation... Its definitely not a money grab



Burglar ran away