Lake Placid vs. Anaconda - Official Trailer

On DVD and Digital HD August 4!Pre-order: they’re not chowing down on sorority girls, get ready for the heart-pounding head to head battle between the crocodiles and anacondas! Subscribe to Sony Pictures for exclusive content:

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Lanzell Smith

Marathon continues nice one j stone sending my prayers constantly asghedom family and freinds

Emem Fayre

5:45 There's a bowling pin that stayed standing up on the tower the bowling ball was thrown above.


There is one Dallas place in Texas


The MW3 one was really sad. I remember playing that game and the gas outbreak. It was so sad.

Baldur's gate 3

cyber pup

please check out my channel it would mean a lot :)

Eldon Selmani



This is some blackmirror shit

tea sisters

she cared about her hair more than her life... she could've died and she wouldn't have cared as much as her hair loss

Roel Hazenberg


The BluePigGaming

Chin and tad:the revenge of the editors

Frankie Butler

Mainly contact smile rough venture increase poet accompany team humanity.


Sounds like juice wrld

Henry Townshend

OMg, Max Payne VS Jerry

A boy had a huge crush on me but I hated him. And people would tease me. One day I finally told them. "I don't like this kind of behaviour. Yes, I am fat, I have a big body. It is my body and I am proud of it. Talk to me with resoect or dont talk to me at all. I like him a sa friend but just because you like someone does not mean you have to have that person. Millions of girls like Zac Efron. But not all of them will get him. If you want to make fun of me then don't be my friend." I was okay after that.

Love her ❤️


This is the best thing to happen to 2019 ever!!!‼️💖💖💖💖💖💖

Kenneth Jurls

Trying to go down that staircase while trying to get the achievement for not using guns(or whatever it is, can't remember) was the 2nd biggest pain in the ass ever. 1st was trying to destroy the computer nodes or whatever near the end trying to get the achievement

the gamer

Aaron Rodgers it was a catch no doubtaboutit

Living and Loving Lopez

Fun fact: Softballs are harder than baseballs! Weird isn’t it? Like if Baseball/Softball is your favorite sport or if you just liked the comment!

islam tv

give me crossbow pls

the stunt cool boy krishiv

I love due perfect

Carlos Rayo



Fuck you don't do that to me

Efe Mutlu


Xx HeroGaming xX

Who's Watching This In 2017!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lili M

Hello your the best


What is the name of the music playing in the background!?!?


I bet this video has easter eggs to eh?

Danica kessel

My best score was 32 onendless dunkers so i guess I can say I beat you guys

Jack 'N' Will Vlogz and Gaming

This is how many people answered the songIII

alexandre lambert

2:21 = green line

CN Hutchins

The pizza guy was weirded out.

magical nightmare

brown is the new red 0_0

the muffin man


Crimson strawberry

You sound so different in GurukidHD

1 Massive fan

Makes me want to go and watch all these films again

Mahe Bhuiyan

This so far the best video I LOVE YOU❤️


nobody makes the first jump- Matrix

Kim McDaniel

Ty why😭😫

Connor Reitknecht

How many people put that many dislikes that is bull

Aleesha Ali

Everybody:he is playing Fortnite

zinna mae

I'm sorry that happened to u

Burrito plays

I know what u are doing


Who is watching this because ping pong trick shots 5 just came out


FlyEaglesFly Superbowl LII Champs