Kingsnake versus Rattlesnake--Who Wins?

An encounter with a couple common reptiles while mountain biking in a central California state park.

Mark Riesgo

Respect from both fighters. They are both true warriors. This is ufc. Beat each other's ass, give the crowd a show and everyone walks away happy. Fuck all that shit talk nonsense.

IQ 6

Cody a band wagoners

Mireya Carmona

why is Cody dirty?

Asma Jahan

Looks legit

5% of comments are jokes

Rather Not give info


Todd Jensen

The lights out was awesome so the best

Julias Keeton

It's impossible to make a dead rising game look serious anymore, you make a trailer as serious as possible, but we all know there's going to be some pretty silly shit waiting in the background.

Umur Birand


Winston Fairchild

Cody Parkey5:385:56

Mondler forever

Oh!! So you are Indian! How come your parents bought you a phone before college?!?

7364572828 Twywuwi

You guys should do a nerf war

Fnafgamer239 zaffke

If he was born before ww1 why does he sound like 20

Thxt Slaya

1:43 LOOK AT MY DAB!!!!!!!!

Merve Bakir

i laughed so hard while watching this

Leo Heikkila

I have aBucket on my head

Clear Note

Nintendo: I'll listen to fans and fix issue with Mario Maker 2

Amy Sylvester

In Canada, drunk driving can lead to paying $1000.


or some bullshit like that idk


I can marry people now thanks to the monster factory easter eggs xD

Secretly Pikachu

You do you, don't worry bud

Come Walrus

There’s no sound in space confrimed


Wow I can not wait who else can not wait I love when she drowns

Isabel Caldwell

Someone Tell me why I'm CRYING.

hazzle dazzzle

who else would have smashed jasman

draws brown hair

Louis Marquez

sponsored by build a boat for treasure in roblox haha!

roblox123 pro

Not wrolds longest throw


5:10 was expecting a Tomb Raider reference

Chase Robinson

tyler looks like his dad the most

The Catopian

Who wishes theycould do this sort of thing?


Another easter egg is that in the arcade, 2 games are references to events that happens in the show.

Luis Valdez


Arya Harrisawak

Why would he do that ????😠

Solen Williams

Friend: so what do you like to do when you’re bored


Nobody likes youNobody thinks you're coolNobody wants to be you're friendDon't worry my name is Nobody 😃😃😃

Ben Jones

Once again, Ty the rage monster. At this point I think Ty just likes hitting and destroying things.


My türki


You guys should go to the Ifel (or how ever you spell it) tower

r0bba1k itzrawb3rt

if you have an antenna tv just use lil skies hair you will be good

Maiwand Kamawal

I NEED mist

Kyra S

Guys don’t u have s phone to communicate

Rolf Adomat

TY your cool

Mystery Gamer

Because of this video, you got me into zombies, and I thank you for that

Jazzy Jeff

So fucking extreme.

pubg wala

What the heck was with robot dog

April Goree

CansomeonepleasetellmehowtotryoutfortheNFLI'm fromtupeloMississippi


6:02 is it just me or does that lady look judgey asf

Dogi Zorro Vanessa

Sling shot is my favorite shot