King Cobra Vs Lion | Unexpected King Cobra hunting Baby Lion In The Desert | 3 Lion lucky escape

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Skies hair looks fucking amazing... So does gnars 💀


Who the hell has the time and random thought for the first one.

Dan the man

After a little bit of HS:

Mahek Bhatt

Anyone else watching in June 2019?

Twitching and tingling...


This is now getting weird and meta.

Isaac Dominguez

My favorite fail was Garret and the baseball 🤣🤣

Jaxon Valverde

And is my name is Rocket Cena

MrWaffle Wafflington

When Garrett still had hair(no offence tho)

Skove Stove

Ever consider streaming?

BOF Jolmes

No one:

random gamers


Carleen Tawiah

The floor is lava

westan _

1:52 me


Make more Videos dude you are awesome

Akram Sabik

You forgot a hidden room in the mario easter egg :/

Osvaldo Ismael Leal Chavez

I never seen a real 🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈


@CornRehab Ok, first off, it's "too", not "to". Secondly, if you're too poor to buy a $0.99 game, you shouldn't have an Android, iPhone, or iPad.


She can adopt

Aiden Hillz

what about that sonic CD page that appears with japanese writing and creepy sonic?  

Brecklin Minor

2019 anyone

Luke Carlin

You should of gone to South Korea

Dictionary : gay = happy

Behold_ Rebecca

At least you were wanted

l YxllowArt l

Insert pikachu meme here



Bryant O

I currently am fighting GAD and my god is it hard. And what sucks even more is remembering how good life was when I wasn’t worrying all the time and getting anxiety attacks. At first I didn’t know I was having anxiety/panic attacks and they got to the point where I thought I was having a heart attack. I went to two doctors and they both deduced I was having anxiety attacks but in my mind I kept thinking that there was something wrong with me and it all culminated with a trip to the ER where I got literally all sorts of tests (blood,urine,CT scan,x-ray) and turned out I was completely healthy. And that’s when I realized it was psychological. But unfortunately one of the nurses insisted I had to check in to a mental hospital (in-patient) and I agreed to go voluntarily because I thought I was going to get some help (therapy/counseling). But it was a complete nightmare. I was transported there Sunday night and I felt pretty calm, calmer than I had felt for an entire week, but when they got my information and gave me an ambien to sleep I was introduced to my roommate who said he was there because he had attempted suicide. At first I was like wtf, but the pill kicked in and I fell asleep. But the next two days were fucking awful. I didn’t realize what I had signed up for because the other patients were basically drug addicts who were sent there for detox, depressed/suicidal dudes and a bipolar/schizophrenic dude that freaked me out and my anxiety was through the roof. My body was all tingly and I had a really hard time remaining calm and not freak out. Somehow on the second day I talked to the psychiatrist (who literally only saw the patients for like less than 5 minutes) and I told him that staying at that mental hospital was the worse place to try and get better and he actually agreed and said I was getting discharged that afternoon. But after I left that place I can’t sleep like normal anymore, I have to take sleeping pills that’ll help me sleep and some damn anti depressants that are supposed to help me think more positively over time. I had these anxiety attacks a total of five times over a span of five years and until I actually succumbed to one did I realize what it was. Now I’m going to an actual and helpful therapist and I’m slowly getting back into work and my usual routine but it gets scary because I keep worrying about having another attack and feeling like shit again. But I’m trying and I won’t give up until I master this shit and get my mental health healthy.


soy puto pero bueno

Carlos Aburto

Soy el único que abla español soy chileno

Spencer Esh

Do one at the Grand Canyon

Fatu Leiataua

when you look at the trophy look at the broken glass by the trophy it is a reflection of outside of that mission.

freedy 202207

Her grades drop to A-

ricky contreras

great songs between clips loved it

Bonilyn Teh

Loved this prod ♥ but if Broadway Prime existed, we'd be on it 24/7 lmao


Wow... manikins are even WORSE than Zombies.


how u should find that thing in duke nukem? i not nearly saw anythink from that

Gatcha Kingdom

This was posted on my birthday!!!

Canal do pró

Alguém Brasil?

Jacob Angelo Lucas

Is that Philippines

Bill Gates: am I a JOKE to you!!?!

Vik C.

It's all orange tones??

eddu gteen

now whites can play B ball at airports.. smh

Colin Dong


uncle luke

please whats the name of that song at the end

Nest Digger

Ey he has the same name as me.

Asma Adnan

Cody's haircut


Happy Unicorn

Try the umbrella flip🌂


Who is panda

Roz Bonilla

Geez!! It’s more like “She takes pleasure in my pain!!!” And the voice actor sucks!!! She keeps on saying “I know” over, and over again!😑🙄

wanderley buachack

Guet a byby chork

Nerf the Bush

such easter eggs

- crescent422 -

“It doesn’t have to be a boy-“

Taesav Sav



Bowling alley

NERD gasm

can this be done the other way round.....from ground to top

Gacha LiwaKookie

I know im not adopted but...

matthew hammond

steak sub from Stan's Grill Main Street