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Kaela VandenBosch

worlds biggest slingshot was my favorite


War Horse

Smart mother cat, keeping those young impresionable kittens away from that dangerous book. ;)

yeah let me just give him brown hair

Khaled Salah

I anticipate your videos more than any other channel on youtube, so It's such a delight every time you upload one. Keep up the good work!

tik tok

Anyone sub to me I Will back

Dylan Belvedere

@confusedkid6 Lol well i know Michael Bay, Steven Spielberg, JJ Abrams, and Justin Bieber personally and had them look at it for many days just like u. They told me its real!!

Ethan Jones

how in the panda costume

From a french fan. 

Thomas Boyle

Hey guys I just started a new channel and if anyone could take a few seconds and go check out the covers I made I'd appreciate it so much!!🙏🏼


How hard was it to get this easter egg in a public lobby?

Ayden Krueger

Subscribed for the warnings




Look at Africa a lot of girls and women are bald and they are so happy


8:05 Ahhhh that camera move was so good it gave me goosebumps!

kiwi the great 10

Canada canada canada canada bouusa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Volel Jude Casimir

That was awesomeThank you dude perfect show😁😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😁👑💲💲💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵

Alayna Richter

Is anyone sick of Tyler winning

PlaeseKillMenow pls

Why do u make ur outros so edgy

Tyler Smith

I truly believe I could do all these yo I mean my name is Tyler;)

My ankle is.

Lizz Chloe

Do a bloopers

Abby & Emelia C.

I want to know who panda is😂🐼


1:22 summons sim diamonds


We need your Spotify's playlist or whatever!!!


so....the video starts off with you killing one of my most beloved characters from my childhood.......

Arbor 2815

You guys are running out of ideas’s okay I don’t blame you

Patrick Lowndes

Does Guru reply to comments?



cara mcmahon

can you help my brother?

WildOne14 -_-

1:48 I guess I’m weird😭

Farzad The Gamerbro

Over the tree basketerrow shot

Joe Scheibner

I am a guy and I have soft hands. No matter what I do, they never become dry and rough like normal man hands


keep tjay on and this song sets the universe on fire

Ashley G

OBJ I am a boy but I'm using my sisters account and my middle name is junior

Party Gamingz

Honestly I'm conflicted as I think lgbtq should be supported and stuff and I support it. But I don't think she should have been bullied this badly like this. Also her friend that asked probably wanted to come out but found out she didn't agree and prob got mad which is why she told everyone, just a guess tho


Jamies Winston

Cringy Stuff

Who wears a Michigan hat and a Texas a& m shirt

Peppachelet Jr

my face was The same that nigga

Bjørn-Inge Kvalvåg

Is this story true?

Nicholas Payne

The “Heading South on a White Bronco” achievement/trophy is a clear reference to OJ Simpson


Parents: saves you from never having a home

Ari 8

That scene about weed is some of the most disrespectful shit I’ve seen in a minute. Snapped me right out of my state of relaxation.

Alexander Lee

France vs Croatia

Shrub Goat

There are more Nessies in the training area.

Broscor 77

Hello I love you guys


I love how before using the radio for its proper use its playing a very cuban sounding still alive

Midnight Darkfire

Ok so hear me outWhat if Anna and Christoph got powers and Anna was flame as we see a purple flame jumping around and we see Anna do something with the crystals and Chris would be earth as reindeer are animals and animals are connected to nature so the giant we see could be Christoph and the flames could be Anna and their powers and going wild because they don't know how to control them like how Elsa was at the beginning.

Chilly Beans

Take?! Take the whole one!!!


do axel rose next

Maria Galdi

I liked the last one



Trigger Happy

I'm probably the one that ran on the road yelling

mister mota

Did they change the Mirrors edge easter egg or something? cause when I try to do it after I reach the first train bridge I run to the second on and fall through it like it's not even there? PLS HELP!

mz mikeyy

Watching in 2017