I Spent $1,500.00 for Dirt!?

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dalton gilreath

You play ps3? it would be cool if you added me DragonMatriarch9

qing cai

I also had ocd. When I woke up from those dreams I lituratly threw my 90 pound table somehow

Tegan Buckley

When you have the baby are you changing your YouTube name

limbubusty dreamland

How to say .. it's heard

Aziz Mokhsen

an arcade games battle should be fun!


So basically it’s shooting basketball in a racetrack

Isaiah Hurt

He bust the bottle with a credit card at 2:52

The city gets stronger when everybody is speakin'

Haz Sa

What would happen if it was a draw

Jake F


Gonzalez Sebas

Musicota :'3

JT Smith

haha it looks like it curved like a bitch

and I was right

first i Am ThE rIcHiSt PeRsOn In ThE wOrLd

Leandra Pozo

República Dominicana presente TE AMO OZUNA

Bina Quill-Tot

there is a cure the pain is coming from a nerve in your brain ,lots of people have it and get surgery to relocate or remove the vessels in in contact with the trigeminal nerve to stop it malfunctioning , this malfunctioning causes you're pain , this is called Microvascular decompression.

Thank you for existing.

Melanie Connors

Your video sucks

Maya Connor

That's when y'all call 911, girls.