Interactive Python Stream, Coding Blackjack - Engineer Man Live - Feb 2019 #2

Coding blackjack live and with the participants. Make sure you have your editor ready, a terminal open, and Python 3 installed.Check out this code here:my Discord server to chat with me:out some code on my GitHub:me something funny on Twitter:hi over at Facebook:Man



meanwhile im over here and i actually want to be a little thick

But then I took them off Cuz I was scared my ears will get damaged

Lgbt+ community: * starts standing up for our rights and not letting people treat us like monsters *

Jackson Ross

there might be an easter egg having to do with the bobble heads... every time you destroy one of them glowing blue mist comes out. Try that!

Anamaria Zambrano

People manage marriage in their own ways but damn..One weekend with a random girl you just met made you finally decide ask your wife for a divorce?

Nashi Dragneel3344

Sorry I’m crying 😭

Magic Tv

Well your born in July 30 first so was jk.rolling..... wait...,

Heather C

I'm a big fan

Angello! R.

Would never relate, don’t have grandparents nor other family relative other then my mom. But, you know, hope that god give you mantel emotional strength if someone is going through this.

William Deister

Low to high

jihad plays

It's bcuz there catching the same shark everytime

Nevin Sneed

He's got money and is still an idiot...DAMN...


You forgot "bugs" from bugs life


Teacher: okay class, who can answer this question? Hmm, how bout you tea? Go up and answer the question on the board.

Queenie x HP

She wasn’t fat she was just thicc

South Park (1997)

Martha Rodriguez

yeah I saw the eggs too


Something interesting I haven't seen anybody else point out: The green/blue color is NOT that of Sheikah tech, corrupted or otherwise. Sheikah technology, throughout BotW, was consistently a light blue or magenta if corrupted. You know what is consistently that green color? The magic of the Twili! So it could be the twilight getting involved again, or ancient interloper magic, or even just Nintendo settling on a redesign of the look of Sheikah magic... but it's intriguing.

Tomas Gomez


Lucas Roque

Do Easter eggs it's fun


Try putting out a magnesium fire with sulfurhexafluorid.

Maria Cristina Garcia

Don’t worry be happy

No sé quién la daño, pero


The song choice for this one is just on point.


are u from the uk

I don't think that I'll ever come down


It is pitiful that in this day and age that anyone would be denied medical care because of financial reasons! The US needs to radically change the health care system! If Canada, the UK and other similar countries can take care of their people's health, then why can't the US do the same? You know why? Because the people able to make the changes are wealthy and couldn't care less about the poor! This is one reason I hate being a US citizen. We can send billions overseas, provide tax cuts to big companies and spend billions in our military, but for the old, disabled and poor there is next to nothing.

Cobie Viljoen

guys the drone hit the ground 0,01 seconds after it ringed WINNER:TYLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ashley Davis

Him realizing his selfish behavior, and how good and generous his wife is what made him return to her. Not the fact he cheated on her. Tbh, this man doesn't deserve her.

Davi Morais

another excellent video, especially this finale, good job!

Ronny Kaplanian

Can l take a iPhone X please

Lauren Pyeatt

Some fine Texas men right there!

Lego Beyblade Burst Master

cory failed cars wow and I did guess faster than all

Ashley Broderick

i am the he is definetly looking at me guy

Shashank Sistla

Didn't expect DP to click bait...

page toxic

Lomgest life saver shot ever

yo quelempan




Lautaro Larroca

Minisode kinda sounds like Minnesota if you check it

Gergő Márkus

Archerball dunk


Plows into the fans possibly causing serious physical harm and a fan gets ejected for pushing him away. I guess it must have hurt the players little feewings.

Lindsay Bones

Do it tie

Natalie Fernandez


Travis Eixenberger

That was eggcellent