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muhammad Arham


penguin persone0801

The people who bullied you are just idiots

Speciale Aperta

Was the PvZ easter egg a reference to Battlefield 4's easter egg?


I like the shotgun shot

Wèśţ čøåśţ çřīp

Dis was my 1st vid that i saw with dude perfect

Lil Spazzz

Aye imma honk but imma continue to run you over


EmiliOh Vlogs

Minute 3:20 OMG hilarious LMAO

BaronNation Entertainment

In Monsters, Inc., there was an A113. This one was hard to look at, but during the scene where Randall got banished in the trailer, the stars in the sky spell out “A113”.



Thorsten Müller

Bist du deutscher?

Yung Worksheet

Dude one of my friend is both tall shoots 3s with open drives and he is a person who gets a lucky 3 for the win

Nate C

It said what other giant sports. What other giant sports could you do? I’d like to see you try to play giant football.

Peter Nguyen

They don't call it all purpose flour for nothing

Sky Dreams

I kinda wish the girl narrator would be an actual character. Would be nice to have an insight on the civilians in that universe.


Hearing how Ethan talks about Hila in awe makes me so happy

Lorenzo Ragasa

I just sub and share it

Litening Volt

Did anyone else notice at the beginning the guy who comes up and sits next to ty could be panda because he isn’t in any other videos?

Kiss Janos

Why did you start doing video game Easter eggs?

jehryn davis

I think... Panda.

xOGaxhaLifexO Dahila

Put icey hot on his pp.

Brandon Ledford

Panda qualified with the #1 Kart raced the #9 kart .....

axix _mxx channel

Trailer on my birthday.wish me the best if luck

rose nation

Whispers:Nikes are better~ :)

Rezki Jabbar Mulia

Make it again.. :D

But didn't get around to making it playable

Kohlton Miller

The ghost train is pretty dope

NitoGaming YT


Jitendra Mohan


Sheila Torio

Who is Panda


big deal about nothin... grow up

brandon dube

We're the real heros behind all this

I knew exactly what this was as I too have type 1&2 of this awful disease. It also has the nickname "the suicide disease" due to how painful it is. There are medications, procedures, even brain surgery. Currently I'm on the waiting list to see a surgeon in hopes of a candidate for surgery.

I’m garbage

This lady shouldn’t of said yes to this douchebag in the first place

you really shouldn't shower every day or every 2 days.