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I show you how to learn python. There are so many python learning resources, how do you know which are the best? To save you time, I have collated what I think are the best python learning resources available. These are my favourite python courses, websites, books and YouTube channels. I hope you like them too. Links:UdemyThe Python Mega Course - Complete Python Bootcamp - Modern Python 3 Bootcamp - the Boring Stuff Video Course - by #Python #HowtolearnPython

Jacob Thompson

Probably Texas broseph...

Fictional Brawls Tutorial and More

the pizza guy was my classmate's uncle and his last name is Tondo like if you believe


@etniesk8r23 Song is called "Mama" by Manic Bloom but it was before they added words to it, now the finished song is called "In Loving Memory"

Miriam Davison

Garret: I'm gonna make a bold prediction. He ain't winnin'.


Moral of the story I LOVE SCHOOL


This was a fabulous opening and if you haven't seen his opening from the 2016 Tony's, go there now...even better in my opinion


thats badass fellas

Drewbie UnderFire

Kid, I wanna be you when I grow up. And I'm 30.

Anna O’Connor

I was born 4 months early

Jill Valentine

Also in Lost In Nightmares there is an Easter egg, at least in my opinion, where if you look at the falling dead body's facesthey look like Wesker and Jake.

Nintendo: no worry, drop the teaser for BOTW 2

SsexselansS SsokucusS

Beğenmeyen 10 k nin amk


I have the same past too but right now I think about it my parents have more worst childhood they don't know what GOOD parents are but they try, they kinda try

Christopher Smalls

@TheFiifii123 hey i feel u on that i was to lol

anders schmidt

manic bloom FTW :D

Thatguybob Thatoneguy

Hay gay nay gay May Day look at the s second one that’s u

Alicia Skinner

Stay strong, girl. You are forever in my thoughts and prayers. May a cure be discovered for you very soon.

Red Is Dead

I wish that gaben song was playing in the box


These were all my favourite parts in those movies

Diego Apachito

This r awesome

Jason Logan

the lag is real tho


Old greg from crazy ex girlfriend has a poop ton of makeup on

a little Mochi with a Kookie and Tae

Me a few days after my period: looks inside the little box in the bathroom where you put pads and tampons after you're done using them