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Hunter Diaz



Giovanni Baez

can I get some of them

Aaron Freitas


Michelle Garcia

I believe Landon will be the BEST father ever just like Austin is to his girls...lots of ❤️ from CORPUS CHRISTI, TX

Patricia Serna

So I know im late by a couple of days but will the live stream of the charity event be free by the way I love you guys and what you do for everybody♥️

Xavier Smith

Antonio Brown

Thomas Fullagar

In nuke town,the car looks like the car from driver San Francisco

Pikachu and Kirby!


Briana Roegiers

Best shot i have ever seen!you guys rock:)


Your died

If you answer these questions ! You will pass if you dont will be fire in the hell , we call this’ nar jahanm ‘


Come on coby

Ulo mow

bunjing ba

lemulous bedemulous

Husband: *exists*


bring back the series

GraceMermaid 24

Bijuu 👏 is 👏 married 👏?!?!

Megan Slone

It saved...your marriage.

Tomy 129

La concha de tu madre all boys

Benji Price

What was the game in 4:04

NAV EnterTainMent

Ends video with Links famous "AAARHHHH, HAAAA, YAAAAA"

Drew Johnston

Many references to that anything bolo Santosee also

Kingdom Key 2015

Jedi Ty! 😮

Rena Engelbrecht

can you huys plz do an acro battle

Nick Jane

This make me wanna sing TheFatRat song

I'm hoping to become an interpreter some day :)

Toasted Noodles


Md Mokter Shek

Team shatter train

justsomeawesome dude

I knew people were so racist and all but this is just ridiculous. Not even seawater isn’t allowed to get in the USA.

nazza chambers

just saying in gears 3 you dont need to shoot down the tube

Sloopy Clooka

Good idea lol

Mr. Poker

I wonder if Donald Trump is behind this... hmmm


0:00 I also have the nerf vests

hmm opora

it's possible that jack marston wrote a book.

K_Bruce N_Wayne

The last one was cool

Jimmy Fuentes

Kid addition

Juergen Kubinski

not cool dude

HG 80

If you want bow and arrow trick shots just look up lars anderson

Chasrlie Ernst

that was awesome

Capricorn 1

Plz make pasta amitriciana from Jessica jones

North Korea: Tests 2 nukes

Mousumi Mahapatra

When the beat drop it sounds like

Tirzah Evangelista

my dads a profesonol volleyball player

Lucas Kruger

"Possible jump scare in 3...2...1..." as soon as i saw the text i fucking threw my headphones against the wall

Kevin Hooper

That steak is rare , it’s like you just wiped it’s arse across the hotplate .

Apurva Chouksey

Its pakoda and ghee wow lots of love from 🇮🇳 india❤️ and

Amer Abrahem

My frinds the six players is pro and thevedio is Nice wow thanks to you and ilove you to six players thank you my frinds you are brothers???


Hello, I am zucc. I appreciate the video that helps me act like these humans.


So the Talos Principle is Serious Sam with no guns or monsters plus Portal with no portals?

Kevin Pamisetti

elon musk

Stuns on the ground

wow rats with guns wtf