How to care for a reticulated python

I hope you guys enjoyed this video. #retics #reticulatedpythoncare #reticulatedpython #reptiles #howto #snakes #pets

so full of yourself, and thats where we are, 0 improvement

Shanice Galore

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2008=5K Subs

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Lisa Carrillo

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Yo Guru! I have an easter egg but its in Rainbow six siege, In the new Red crow map, reply if interested.

Bubsy Finnigan

So... No one's gonna comment on the fact that the Lutece Twins are at it again?


Girl it’s not your fault.

Andres Bravo



Their first video has 30mil views are you kidding me

Vaishnavi 066

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Belle Evans


6:08- Inglorious Basterds

Nóra Bánfi

This game is a fucking masterpiece

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Moby The Duck

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Duncan McKnight

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Hershey Bear & Maggie June !

Can u do a vid with dogs, I'm 11 and I love ur channel u guys r the best YouTubers ever!!!!

Latoya Brown

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Catherine Ninteman

I really want to see Kristin go to an Asian country, because I know their sizes are so different and there might not be places for us plus size beauties (and I lowkey want to know where I can go shopping when I go lol)

Lokelion Issak

I unsubbed when he drew the earth as flat


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Lunar Wolf

If Jayden lost it and then found her wallet in the toilet does that mean she dosnt flush or her wallet is magic and don’t get flushed? ->-


So you like rap ?

Chris Marquez

Dude you should do commentary in the easter eggs plz at least one or something

Gabriel Lee

Tyler, all you had to do to beat Cody was to catch one normal ball, and the golden ball.I've done the math.


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Okay but has anyone here actually owned a walkman? lol

Happier, more talkative, just the little girl I used to be. She asks me Attracted to Methane Gases.


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Bts 4 Life

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(Great song btw) 😀