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Zurgo Pussysmasher

I loved that scene in Kill Bill Vol. 2. It was so quiet. So calm. You could feel the tension in her but the guy gave absolutely zero fucks and he carried the entire thing.

Registered Artist

You drink alcohol when you would you was a mom but the baby can't drink alcohol so that's why your baby died

Video: I downloaded all social media apps and wondered why these people message me


"what´s in the booooooox?" ( se7en reference )


Your videos are so awesome bro ;) everything best in 2017 :D I wish i could play with you someday :P

Vorce YT

You shold play a basket ball game with a geyst

Ryan Lynch

because they missclicked the like button

Gene Israel

Like if this bitch lit


I did not understand a single thing from this trailer 😀


The best easier egg is when the game uninstalled itself from my pc upon purchasing it

Chantelle Charles

Panda. Won

Sankalp Deshpande

Ronnie O'Sullivan if it's snookerRoger Federer if it's tennisLeBron James if it's basketballMessi if it's footballVirat Kohli or AB De Villers if it's cricket.

Felix Ferdinanad

game of thrones sword

When she brings her brothers with your boyfriend, he didn't try to stop you, this is because of power


i am kind of in the same situation as you were (maybe not THAT painful, but still enough to make me cry out of pain). I have cired myself to sleep countless times and all i can do when i come home from school is to lay down and do nothing, i can't even sleep. Even after 3 years of countless doctor appointments, they still can't find out what is wrong with me.



h3h3 song in the beginning anyone?


Omqii MaKayla

It’s not good or healthy to keep calling yourself ugly..

But this video makes me think like 'Every people have their own attraction, ablity, and worth'.

Blake Mcannally


Arsalan Kamal

Great 💗love form Pakistan

ryan Pinheiro

Na na na hey hey goodbay

K-pop Playlist

why do i always fall for the perso I can't get 😢😢😢

Duck beak

could Elsa finally meet the X-men?

Brent Vlog

Who watching this video 2019

Jasmine Taylor

When Alaia threw up on the phone then ate it haha I'm dead 😂💀

Communist International & Co.

If her story is exactly like she said, then she cured her Autism.

Dawn Light

the couch (the american dream) is acuatlly the fastest vehicle in the game

ELROT caero

mi nombre es Rodrigomy name is Rodrigo

Viperstealth Gaming

Fail. Cant believe so many people voted this thumbs up - The original person was referencing how the people managed to get a plane, not the airport.

lebron james

I think that the editors are better than the real dpLike if agreed

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That body part is big

Jared Morrow


Lorenzo Ragasa

I just sub and share it

Budi Suryo

Please remake final fantasy 9..

Huzaifa Tanveer

Make trickshot of cricket