Google Coding Interview Question and Answer: Find Cycle in Array - Whiteboard Thursday

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However, I've got one little curveball to toss at you -- it still doesn't necessarily mean that Ditto was created by the Mew experiments. I definitely believe it's connected, but here's my proposal: Perhaps Ditto existed before Giovanni's experiments, and he had them collected and relocated to his lab -- every one of them, all over Kanto -- and bred to use the embyros as hosts for their clones, much like the Jurassic Park team used frog eggs to clone dinosaurs. Ditto would be the perfect choice for any cloning experiment, in theory, due to the malleability of its DNA. However, since it's capable of reconstructing itself at will, the embryos all became (mostly) normal Dittos by the time they matured, rejecting Mew's features and strength -- except for Mewtwo. Something went differently with Mewtwo. Maybe the Ditto embryo had a birth defect preventing it from transforming (which would also explain why Mewtwo cannot transform), or was weak and would have died without the scientists' attention, enabling Mew's DNA to take over. Maybe the sample of Mew DNA used in Mewtwo was contaminated with a virus or another Pokémon's DNA, enabling it to overwhelm the Ditto DNA (and also explaining why Mewtwo is physically very different from Mew). Whatever it was that finally worked may have been kept at the highest level of confidentiality, or simply destroyed in the blaze, preventing Howard from finding those particular notes when he scavenged Giovanni's research, and so the best Howard was able to do in replicating those experiments was Dittotwo.

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Sometimes i feel the same way, and i have a small youtube channel and believe that it will grow and become successful! So, don't ever give up!

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