Gimp Scripting: Python Fu, Conditional statements & modifying plug-ins based on user input, Lomo 2

Part 8 in an 8 part series on scripting Gimp pug-ins using Python Fu. In this video we modify the last plug-in to accept user input, and learn the fundamentals of conditional programming (IF statements) that are essential to certain methods of creating plug-ins. If you made it this far, you're a champ. Thanks for watching!Blog: series:Part One, Variables etc: Two, Functions: Three, The Procedure Database: Four, Hello World, and the error console: Five, Automating Workflows, coding a complete plug-in: Six, Taking user input for plug-ins: Seven, More complicated plug-ins, recreating the Lomo Effect: Eight, Conditional statements for modifying plug-ins based on user input, Lomo Deluxe:

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