#FiveThings Tools for Building API's with GraphQL

Five Things is back, baby! We're back and this week we're bringing you five tools for building API's with GraphQL. True story, we shot this at the end of about a twelve hour day and you can see the pain in Burke's eyes. It's not GraphQL he doesn't like, it's filming for six straight hours. Also, Chris picks whistles over bells (because of course he does) and Burke fights to stay awake for four minutes.Links:Chris Noring on Twitter: npm package: GraphQL Library Project Thingy: Hub: Functions with GraphQL: Cotin teaches Burke GraphQL: more at watch more episodes go to Hosts and on Twitter


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This is so helpful

Osmund Million

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Luke Kim

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magnus bertelsen

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6. Please don't go overboard with the catch-a-ride, some maps become too small with little content like The Dust in BDL2.

Larry Ramsey

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Lucas Banks

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sydney knoche

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Let's Go Jay Day

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I love how Tyler got karma on the vortex throw after disqualifying Coby.

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Panda Man



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#1 Someone other than me call the M.P.C.C (Magical Pony Cover-up Company)

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