Finding Timber Rattlesnakes in Virginia

Though the snakes can be virtually anywhere at any time, they tend to congregate in places where they can bask in the sun not far from denning areas, such as rock ledges.

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Who is the guy in 1:48????

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This is not about her it is about another story think about it she makes like 1 video a week she cannot have it all maybe some and if I missed something when she said it happened to her not the character then tell me PLEASE

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Very good

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If life could be just like this.

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The best part was clap trap oof

React to Aurelio Voltaire, react to Aurelio Voltaire, react to Aurelio Voltaire


Usually complain about the music.... Not this time. OP grooves.


he was taking the last shot before the picture lmao.... love that guy

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Go purple nation and ty

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I am a big fan of yours for a day.

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I like this because when you different people see you as aliens when your the same but have your own way of seeing things so that one teacher is amazing


1:55 thats why that claptrap is there in borderlands 2.

True Marvel fans: shut up, play tetris instead.

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nice vid man is this game better than number 2 is so i am getting it and is the story any longer

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My Favorite Shot Is (2:01-2:04) is amazing awesomebecause crash cody is noob

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Congrats Garrett !!!!!!!

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Do a mom edition.


I thought this was a Moana trailer halfway through.

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Hey Guru. I just want to say that i love your videos! I've been watching your Easter egg series from the beginning and i'm enjoying them so far! Great work!



I like your voice so I like the video


I miss his videos

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Would be even better if he would of catch thatspoon in he his hand lol