FINDING THE BIGGEST RATTLESNAKE IN THE WORLD! (Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake, Crotalus adamanteus)

Check out this new video! "THE LARGEST GATHERING OF SNAKES IN THE WORLD! (Narcisse Snake Dens, Manitoba, Canada)" --~--You all know Florida was a lot of snakes, and big ones too! While I was down there filming some episodes, I took a few days and traveled all over the peninsular from one coast to another to try and a find the Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake, the biggest rattlesnake species in the world! This once common, now increasingly rare rattlesnake had me putting in the time, and effort, and in the end, how we found it was just plain incredible! This isn't the biggest specimen ever found, but a member of the biggest rattlesnake species in the world! Come and join my Florida herping adventure, and learn about some of the other reptiles found in Florida as well! ABOUT THE EASTERN DIAMONDBACK RATTLESNAKEThe Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake Crotalus adamanteus is the largest rattlesnake species and is the heaviest known type of venomous snake, with one specimen shot in 1946 measuring 7.8 ft (2.4 m) in length and weighing 15.4 kg (34 lb). However, other venomous snakes may rival this species in weight, the much longer but more slender king cobra is probably greater in average body mass if not maximum weight and the shorter but even bulkier gaboon viper could (but is not verified to) exceed the rattlesnake in both mean adult body mass and possibly even maximum body mass. Common names include eastern diamondback rattlesnake, eastern diamond-backed rattlesnake, eastern diamondback, diamond rattlesnake, diamond-back rattlesnake, common rattlesnake, diamond-back, diamond(-patch) rattler, eastern diamond-back (rattlesnake), eastern diamond rattlesnake, Florida diamond-back (rattlesnake), Florida rattlesnake, lozenge-spotted rattlesnake, rattler, rattlesnake, southeastern diamond-backed rattlesnake, southeastern diamond-backed rattler, southern woodland rattler, water rattle, water rattlesnake, and diamondback rattlesnake. C. adamanteus is found in the southeastern United States from southeastern North Carolina, south along the coastal plain through peninsular Florida to the Florida Keys, and west along the Gulf Coast through southern Alabama and Mississippi to southeastern Louisiana.Dāv Kaufman’s Reptile Adventures I’m Dāv Kaufman, and I’m obsessed with reptiles, and if you are too, then this is your channel! I travel the planet in search of reptiles and amphibians in wild, exotic places and also tour some of the most incredible private reptile facilities, visit amazing reptile expos, and go behind-the-scenes at reptile zoos from all over the world! So come with me, and join my Reptile Adventures! New Videos every Monday and Thursday! Use hashtag #rattleonfan or #rattleon and tag me in your photos and videos! And use hashtag #davsfieldchallenge on all your herping photos and videos! ★ WATCH ALL THE LATEST VIDS★ REPTILE ADVENTURES IN NEW CALEDONIA: NEVER SEEN BOAS LIKE THESE BEFORE! (Palumbo's Pythons and Boas) TOM CRUTCHFIELD'S CROCODILE MONITORS! (the story behind the bite) THE GARGOYLE GECKOS OF TIKI'S GECKOS! MEET DESI'S AWESOME LIZARDS! (Iguana care and feeding) BY AUSTRALIA'S LARGEST MONITOR LIZARD! LIZARDS INVADE OUR AUSTRALIAN BBQ: SOCIAL MEDIA and OTHER LINKS ★ ► Facebook: My awesome Reptile Photos on Instagram: ► Follow more of Dāv's Adventures on his Vlog Channel: ► OFFICIAL RATTLE ON MERCH! Get it here: Check out our Sponsor’s Pages, and place an order today!Zilla: Rainbow Mealworms: Music by: Silent PartnerLicensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


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